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September 11, 2019

Rugs are an essential aspect in the design of a room. Not only do they add comfort and beauty, but they’re also extremely practical. However, finding the absolute perfect rug is not as simple as you’d think. In fact, we’re often surprised by the challenge of finding the perfect rug for a space – and we’re the professionals! When you think about it though, rug selection is complicated business, and there’s a lot to consider. So here are some tips and opinions to think about when looking for a rug.


This is one of the most important things to consider in your rug search. To determine what material is best for you, think about your lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets in your house? Is the rug going somewhere there’s a chance of food spilling on it? What kind of environment do you live in; is there snow or sand? All of this will influence the material of your rug.

Wool rugs are typically great quality and will last a long time, which is why they’re usually a bit more expensive. However, if you want a rug that is sturdy and will last, this is your answer. They do take a bit of special care – you don’t want to use a vacuum with a beater bar on a wool rug because it will make the rug shed excessively. Wool rugs do naturally shed, so don’t be freaked out if that happens – the shedding will slow down after a while, but it’s important to be more gentle cleaning a wool rug than a synthetic one.

If your house is inundated with kids or pets, consider a less expensive, easy to clean, synthetic rug that you won’t be heart broken (or bankrupted) by if you have to toss it out in a few years. Look for something made out of Polyester or Polypropylene. These rugs are easy to care for, so they’re often the perfect solution for a high octane household.

Jute isn’t super duper soft, but it’s really pretty and sometimes exactly what a space needs. Be aware that it is a natural material, so it can have a few little break-a-ways.

As a general rule, we stay away from rugs made of Viscose. Viscose is very soft and very beautiful, so it’s easy to be lured in by them. HOWEVER, they are very hard to clean… like, almost un-cleanable. The only time we would ever recommend a rug with a high viscose content is if someone had a formal space that was never used or stepped in or looked at…. ok, that might be a little severe. BUT we want to make sure that you understand to be on the look out for viscose, because many sites sell rugs with a high viscose content, without any sort of explanation of the nature of the material!


The other most important factor to consider: rug size. When it comes to rug size, it’s better to be a little too big than too small. If a rug is too small for a room, it will make the room feel tight. You want a rug big enough to anchor your space. If it’s for your living room, it should be big enough for the front legs of your couch and chairs to sit on the rug. If it’s in a dining room, you’ll want the rug to be big enough that you’re still on it when you scoot your chair back. And in a bedroom, the rug should be big enough to sit under your bed and still have enough space for your feet to land on it when you get out of bed in the morning.

This might seem like common sense, but if you’re getting a runner for a hallway, and the hallway is really wide, get a wider runner! The proportions will be better. Also, make sure that the length of the runner is such that there is a natural starting/stopping point. You don’t want the runner to start or stop in the middle of a doorway – that could be a tripping hazard!

Pattern vs Solid

Client’s often ask how many patterned rugs they can have in one space. It really depends on how close the rugs are to each other, and the scale of the patterns. What you want to avoid is having too many patterns of the same scale happening too close to each other – the space will feel too busy. That’s when a solid or textured rug in a coordinating color comes in handy! If you do have more than one pattern rug in a space, make sure that the patterns coordinate, and that one pattern is larger than the other.

One other note about patterns: there are soooo many options. Think about what each pattern will say about the space and what design style it lends itself to.


Rugs are a great way to incorporate color into a space. They can introduce an accent color, tie together multiple colors in a room, or be a calming place in an already colorful room. The only trick here is to make sure the rug is actually the color it appears on screen. You don’t want to fall in love with a rug because it matches the custom pillows you had made, only to receive the rug and find out that the colors are way different from what you thought they’d be. Order a sample first! Also, when multiple rugs are in the same space, make sure the colors work well together or “talk to each other” so that no rug looks out of place.

Pile Height

If the rug will be near a door swing, don’t get a rug that’s too thick (also called the “pile”) because then you can’t open the door! Often, in this situation, we’ll also forgo a rug pad, or get a very thin rubber pad. If you aren’t sure what pile will work under your door, most websites will tell you how high the pile is, so just measure it!

Rug Pads

Speaking of rug pads, they’re important!!! They keep the rug from slipping, and they can prolong the life of the rug. There are different types of pads to consider. Mainly, there are rubber ones or felt ones: rubber ones pretty much only help with slippage, whereas felt ones help with slippage, add a bit of comfort and cushiness, and can also prolong the life of the rug.

If there isn’t a pad that fits the size of the rug perfectly (or within an inch or so), get a pad that is slightly bigger than the rug. They are pretty easy to cut down with a box cutter, so you can customize the size to fit perfectly!

Don’t want to have to worry about all this?

Let us do it for you! We have lots of rug sources we pull from, so we’re bound to find the perfect rug for you. Plus, we always order samples of the rugs before you buy them, so that we can make sure it’s absolutely perfect!

Contact us here to find the rug of your dreams.



Kitchen Design

These clients asked for a light and bright kitchen with an island large enough to entertain all of their friends and family. They hated the color of their cabinets and wanted something fun and different, so we suggested painting the cabinets and pairing them with a bold geometric tile. Now it makes such an awesome statement!

Fireplace Design

Our clients hated their brick fireplace and didn’t like that the space didn’t feel balanced. We closed up half of the old TV niche, gave the bottom half some new cabinets, and pulled it all together with a long mantel. Our clients are the ones who had the idea to change the windows to doors, which turned out beautifully!

Bathroom Design

White carrera and gray cabinets were our clients’ main requests when it came to their master bathroom. They also wanted to keep their tub, which ended up working out perfectly. We suggested some counter-to-ceiling mirrors with lights mounted directly onto them to provide lots of light. The penny round tile we selected does a great job of incorporating the marble and making a statement!

We think it turned out absolutely amazing, and so did our clients, which always makes us beyond happy! Check out the rest of the project here!



August 19, 2019

Well…we started with 10 spaces, and then got way too inspired… so here are 20 spaces that have been inspiring us lately. Enjoy!






We hope these spaces inspired you as much as they inspired us! If there’s a space that really inspires you, please share with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

For the sources to the images in this post, just click the image. Have a beautiful day!



August 15, 2019

So I’m back again with some random thoughts for you!  My Thursday Thoughts post was actually quite well received and I will continue to bring random thoughts your way on occasion until you beg me to stop the madness.

Today’s three:

255 Government Street

This amazing house was brought to my attention when we did tour through the city of Victoria in British Columbia Canada.  If you have not seen this house yourself, you can view it on this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zofhklf8Q7A. It is apparently on the market for anyone who not repulsed by the gaudy mish mash of opulent finishes inside, and the rainbow of colors on the Victorian exterior.  I think this is the definition of “Extra”!  It is pretty much the complete opposite of my own personal style.  I have to concede that there may be someone out there who will think this might be their dream home. Yikes.


I have been eyeing subscription clothing boxes for a while.  I heard about this one on a podcast that interviewed the owner.  I think knowing a little about her background and reasons for starting the company influenced me to go to her website to see what it is all about.  Evereve is actually the name of the company that has over 80 stores, although none near me.  Their subscription service is called Trendsend.  I decided to try it out as I loved the idea of having a personal stylist send me clothes to wear and I don’t have to research what’s trendy or hunt for the perfect item at the price I want.  I filled out an extensive form about my tastes, size, budget, needs and voila!  I received a box with 6 items, 4 of which I kept! One thing I really like is that you could choose your subscription to be every month, every 2 or 3 months or on demand as you like.  Sometimes I feel that the monthly subscriptions can get cumbersome and stack up when life gets busier. I opted for every 3 months to give a little boost to my wardrobe to step it up a notch.  So far, I am very impressed! To check out Trendsend, click here: https://www.trendsend.com/#/?_k=ja7rhs!

Speed Ovens

I just attended a training from Monogram appliances about their products.  One of their favorite items is the speed oven, in which they cooked a complete meal for us in no time.  I have known about and seen speed ovens around without knowing exactly how versatile they are, and that they can in fact replace quite a few appliances in the kitchen: microwave, convection oven, steam oven, toaster oven, even a conventional oven if you are not into cooking large turkeys.  I also didn’t know that they have the option to operate as a microhood.  Seems like a no brainer with its pre-programmed settings and recipes to make your busy life simpler.  I love learning new things!  Here is how you can learn more about Monogram speedcooking ovens: https://www.monogram.com/advantium-ovens/.


Rebecca Ward