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August 19, 2019

Well…we started with 10 spaces, and then got way too inspired… so here are 20 spaces that have been inspiring us lately. Enjoy!






We hope these spaces inspired you as much as they inspired us! If there’s a space that really inspires you, please share with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

For the sources to the images in this post, just click the image. Have a beautiful day!



August 15, 2019

So I’m back again with some random thoughts for you!  My Thursday Thoughts post was actually quite well received and I will continue to bring random thoughts your way on occasion until you beg me to stop the madness.

Today’s three:

255 Government Street

This amazing house was brought to my attention when we did tour through the city of Victoria in British Columbia Canada.  If you have not seen this house yourself, you can view it on this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zofhklf8Q7A. It is apparently on the market for anyone who not repulsed by the gaudy mish mash of opulent finishes inside, and the rainbow of colors on the Victorian exterior.  I think this is the definition of “Extra”!  It is pretty much the complete opposite of my own personal style.  I have to concede that there may be someone out there who will think this might be their dream home. Yikes.


I have been eyeing subscription clothing boxes for a while.  I heard about this one on a podcast that interviewed the owner.  I think knowing a little about her background and reasons for starting the company influenced me to go to her website to see what it is all about.  Evereve is actually the name of the company that has over 80 stores, although none near me.  Their subscription service is called Trendsend.  I decided to try it out as I loved the idea of having a personal stylist send me clothes to wear and I don’t have to research what’s trendy or hunt for the perfect item at the price I want.  I filled out an extensive form about my tastes, size, budget, needs and voila!  I received a box with 6 items, 4 of which I kept! One thing I really like is that you could choose your subscription to be every month, every 2 or 3 months or on demand as you like.  Sometimes I feel that the monthly subscriptions can get cumbersome and stack up when life gets busier. I opted for every 3 months to give a little boost to my wardrobe to step it up a notch.  So far, I am very impressed! To check out Trendsend, click here: https://www.trendsend.com/#/?_k=ja7rhs!

Speed Ovens

I just attended a training from Monogram appliances about their products.  One of their favorite items is the speed oven, in which they cooked a complete meal for us in no time.  I have known about and seen speed ovens around without knowing exactly how versatile they are, and that they can in fact replace quite a few appliances in the kitchen: microwave, convection oven, steam oven, toaster oven, even a conventional oven if you are not into cooking large turkeys.  I also didn’t know that they have the option to operate as a microhood.  Seems like a no brainer with its pre-programmed settings and recipes to make your busy life simpler.  I love learning new things!  Here is how you can learn more about Monogram speedcooking ovens: https://www.monogram.com/advantium-ovens/.


Rebecca Ward

When looking for fabrics, we always check our in-house sample library first. And for us, that usually means that Maxwell Fabrics will be the answer. Anytime a client is thinking of re-upholstering a couch or chair, having custom pillows or drapes made, or would just like a tablecloth that can’t be found in stores, we start pulling our Maxwell fabric books. They offer all fabric types in every color imaginable. And they also carry quite a few modern patterns, which can be hard to find from other sources.

Their sample books are also super easy to use when we’re hunting for the perfect fabric. In our office alone, we have almost 200 fabric sample books that we can look through (including some from other fabric lines), so Maxwell’s clearly-labeled options are a huge help to us! They show the colors included in each book using color swatches on the top of each book. Using designs on the case and the handle color, the company communicates useful information like the fabric collection, the material, and suggested uses for each fabric at a glance. So smart!

Maxwell also offers wall coverings in all colors and styles! We’ve really been enjoying using wallpapers in projects recently, so having lots of options that can work in different spaces is great!

If you’ve been thinking about re-covering a piece of furniture, ordering some custom drapes, or have any other unique textile project coming up, take a look at the Maxwell website here! And then contact us here with your thoughts so that we can get your project started 🙂



Bathroom Design

Our clients asked for a bathroom worthy of Architectural Digest, so we delivered with this gorgeous bathroom design. She really hated having carpet in the bathroom, and we wholeheartedly agreed. So we swapped it out for faux marble tiles. The space was also pretty dark and didn’t have much storage, so we added can lights throughout and a tall storage unit next to the vanity.

Glamorous Glass Ensuite

The bathtub was deep-set, making it hard to step in and out, so we selected a new tub with a simple surround. The clients also wanted a statement light fixture above the tub, hence the dazzling fixture seen below! To help brighten the space, we also removed the window treatments and added obscure glass to keep it light and bright while maintaining privacy.

Glamorous Glass Ensuite

This project is one of our very favorite transformations, and was even published in a local design magazine! To see the entire project, click here!