My Design Mentor

Hey Design Career Curious and Design Newbies!

What if you had a community of interior designers where you could ask the most pressing questions and get guidance and direction from a professional interior designer?

The most difficult part about becoming an interior designer isn’t the courses you have to take—it’s knowing where to go once you’re ready to start making money.

You’ve got the education part hammered down. You’ve been designing rooms ever since you redecorated yours when you were 13. You know all the classes you’ve got to take and how to get the professional checkmark to begin working as an interior designer…

…but the thought of getting started in the career or going out on your own is daunting!

You have a million questions to ask, and really no one to answer them. You’ve done your part and emailed local interior designers pleading to pick their brain or at least get a peek at their processes so you can create the foundation in your business, but haven’t received any promising offers.

It’s getting down to the wire, and you just don’t know what step to take next.

Your gut tells you that interior design is where you belong, but you need that confirmation and confidence to move forward.

And you know if you had that, everything would be different.

You could hone all the right skills to be attractive to a prospecitve designer you’re looking to get experience under or know how to work with your first client.

You’d be able to confidently create your process that will give your clients an experience that’ll have them coming back for more, and telling their friends.

Questions about business practices would be easily answered so you can start reviewing projects and booking clients with ease.

Those trade secrets that everyone seems to know but no one wants to share will be yours to use to build the business you’ve been working toward (either consciously or unconsciously) for years.

You don’t have time to learn it the hard way, and you know that having someone to ask will help you build an inspiring and satisfying residential interior design career that will help you live the life you have always dreamed of.

You don’t need to learn the trade secrets the hard way, after many failed projects and years of networking.

All you really need is a Mentor, and a clear path to success in the career of interior design.

Time is one of your most precious commodities and you don’t want to waste it on making unnecessary mistakes or taking the long way around to a system, process or mindset that will work best for you.

The reality is that there are plenty of projects out there for everyone. Think about how many homes there are in your area and it’s probable that a majority of them are needing some kinds of remodel or new furnishings.

You want to stand apart from other designers in your area by having everything dialed in and ready to go for your career as an interior designer and ready for your ideal client. This program will get you there!

Hi, I’m Rebecca
CEO and Principal Designer at
Rebecca Ward Design

In my 15+ years of working for others and owning my own firm in the interior design industry, I’ve learned a LOT about what it takes to be one of the most referred residential designers in my area.

Because I know what it takes to both work for and own my own interior design firm, I also know that there are more than enough projects out there for up-and-coming interior designers like yourself.

My goal is to help people like you elevate our industry and shortcut your way to success so you can start using the tricks of the trade to get that satisfying career you’ve always wanted.


Thank you for helping me form a solid foundation to run a successful business! I’m so grateful to have a strong background and streamlined policies to lean on. I appreciate your thoughtful mentorship!

Leah C.


My Design Mentor

The residential interior design career coaching program and community that will give you the insider information you need to start your career outright—guided by a mentor.

12 must-know topics include employee vs. entrepreneur, money mindset, working with trades, and business practices.

Each topic’s discussion will lead you to become a better prospect for your future employer, and will show you how to start your own business out right.

In addition to monthly calls, there is a book club meetings where we get to discuss one of the millions of helpful books that can change the way you think, or even change your life, let alone your career trajectory!  Rebecca also provides resume and portfolio review twice a year.  Ready to start your business? Purchase the Business Starter Kit!

MY DESIGN MENTOR membership platform also provides the opportunity to interact with others in similar situations as yourself, with similar questions, which allows for sharing knowledge through discussions among the members as well as with Rebecca and team.


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Not able to make the group coaching call during the scheduled time? No problem! We record every call so you can watch (and rewatch!) to absorb all the great information!


I was able to watch the recording today and loved it! It seems like we are in similar situations in regards to finding work and trying to follow our passion. I’m so glad we can connect and exchange resources!

Cynthia M.

Perfect For:

  • 9Career change or Interior Design career curious
  • 9Newbie Interior Designers who have already started their career
  • 9Interior Design Students

Are you ready to start your interior design career the right way?


This mentorship program is exactly what I’ve been seeking!

Haley H.

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