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Put a Little Flower On It

A couple of years ago, we designed this floral tree with live flowers for our Sacred Heart Home Tour show house! The effect was incredible and the room smelled amazing. The next year, we did another floral tree, but with faux florals!! Whether you’re using real flowers or fake, we LOVE this twist on Christmas tree decorations!

If you don’t want to cover your tree in florals, adding a few here and there still adds a fresh and cheery effect!


Pick a Theme and Stick To It

Themed trees are fun and can add a lot of character to a room! Nowadays, there are so many options for ornaments, so whatever theme you chose, there are bound to be lots of options for ornaments within that theme!


This sweet tree is another great example of how cute a themed tree can be!


Pom Poms!

Trim the tree in something a little different, like pom poms! You can either buy some, or try to make them. They’re really easy to make, and there are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube!


Our pom pom tree from the 2018 Sacred Heart Home Tour was covered in handmade poms! We made them in multiple colors, and accented them with felt garland.

Unexpected Color Pops

Pink isn’t typically usually used for decorating at Christmas time, but trimming the tree in an unexpected pop of color is bound to make a statement and draw a smile!


Blue is another unusual Christmas color, but was used so beautifully in this home! Pick your favorite color, or a color that will compliment your home decor, and go for it!


Go Homemade

Instead of using glass or metal globes for a glitzy tree, go totally homemade for a homey Christmas decor design! It’s all charm and warm fuzzy feelings with this tree!


This tree uses the humble holiday card as it’s shining star! This Christmas tree idea creates the perfect personal touch.


Are you going to try to implement any of these ideas into your home this year?! Let us know!



Kitchen Design

Originally, this kitchen was small and dark, featuring a busy, patterned backsplash tile. The dark stained cabinetry and one window didn’t help much to lighten the space either!

To expand the kitchen to a size more suited to the house, we moved the bathroom located next to the kitchen and gave that square footage to the kitchen. This not only added space to the kitchen footprint, but also allowed for a second window.

One of the “wow” factors of the new kitchen design is the contemporary hood above the range; its large, smooth, geometry contrasts sharply against the sparkly, round tiles, and it looks as if it was always meant to be there.

As you can see in the last image, we selected a dazzling mother-of-pearl penny round backsplash tile to replace the old, dark tile.

The new tile brightens the space, and adds a subtle sparkle! It ended up being a real show stopper and one of our very favorite aspects of the home.

Dining Room Design

What is now the dining room was originally used as the living room. However this layout didn’t provide a good flow from the kitchen to the dining room. So, we swapped the two spaces.

To further improve access to the backyard, and to further solidify the two space’s new identities, we changed the window shown in this picture to glass French doors, which lead out to the back patio. We also changed an existing back door (next to the TV seen here) to a large window.

Living Room Design

This space (as we mentioned above) was intended to be the dining room, but we decided it would serve the client better as a living room. With some fresh paint, updated furniture (including that fabulous mirrored console!!), and the new window, the space is completely transformed!

Master Bedroom Design

The star of the new master bedroom is the custom metal headboard that we commissioned Wildwood Customs & Metalworks to make for us! That heavy statement piece paired with the soft bedding we selected, create a perfect balance.

The pendant lights replace the need for a traditional bedside lamp and provide a sense of airiness next to the metal headboard.

Also, we just have to say that the rug we selected for this room is the softest rug we have ever felt!

Loft Design

Besides the basic updates to this space, which turned it into the fabulous space it now is, we also added an air conditioning unit in the space above the closet. It was unbearably hot in the Sacramento Summer heat!

We also gave this room a custom metal headboard similar to the one in the master bedroom.

The space that leads into this room became a seating area and office space, adding a lot of functionality.

Bathroom Design

The bathroom upstairs was plain… nothing special. But, the bathroom would be used often by the owners, so we wanted to make it a space they would love spending time in.

Stacked blue-gray glass tile, contemporary vessel sinks, and a large sheet mirror make the room sparkle.

The wall-mounted faucet with wooden knob handle fits the space perfectly.

Guest Suite Design

The guest suite was pretty lonely and lacking in character, so we made it a space where any guest would love to stay. The vibrant orange wall provides instant interest. We also added a lounge area with some real style using the client’s old living room furniture. We can only hope our client’s guests leave the room at some point!



Green Dream

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Mustard Must

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High Gloss, High Class

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Fish Scale Fantasy

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Wood Tone Wonder

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Moody Masterpiece

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Earthy Everything

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Blue Babe

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Outstanding Orange

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Which kitchen is your favorite?!



If you’re like us, you might still be working from home. We’ve talked about this a little bit, but we wanted to go into more detail about what it takes to make your home office as healthy, functional, and beautiful as possible! Many aspects of a successful home office have to do with your physical or mental health, so we’re going to break down some of those aspects, along with some other tips to help your home office run as smoothly as possible.


Of course, we love having super stylish desks and desk chairs, but if you’re working at your desk full time, these two pieces of furniture are the most important pieces in the office. Therefore, they have to be as comfortable and practical as possible. Working at your desk full time, you’ll probably need a desk with lots of storage and a chair that will support your back!


Having your computer screen at eye level will make your neck very happy! Believe us, your neck will not be thanking you if it’s bent down all day, so make sure your screen is positioned comfortably. You should also have your feet on the floor and your arms parallel to the floor.


You don’t want your power cords to be a tripping hazard, but you also don’t want them to be super visible. If your desk is up against a wall, it becomes easy. just have one extension cord that you can plug everything into. If your desk is in the middle of the room, it becomes more tricky, but play with your power cords, and find ways to run them under a rug to hide them!


We have said it before and we will say it again, plants make a HUGE difference when it comes to making a space healthy and happy. Not only do they help filter the air, but they also bring life into a space! If you’re someone who can’t keep a plant alive no matter how hard you try, get some fake plants to bring a representation of nature inside.


The importance of natural light is another topic where we probably sound like a broken record, but it’s so important! Consider how you can lay out your office so you’re near a window and getting lots of light. Not only is it important to have light, but having a view to the outside would also be beneficial! Add task lighting to your desk so everything on your desk is well lit, even when the sun starts to set.


There’s always a lot of paper in an office, so get creative with how you store it! Think about what paper comes across your desk, and make a plan for how it can be organized. Try storage on your desk, attached to the wall, on a shelf, or in your desk. Consider all of your options, and get creative about how to store everything you need to.


Even though your home office is meant to be a work zone, it’s still important to make the space your own and have a relaxation zone. Having a little sitting area to read or relax is always a good idea, and consider having a little spot to make a cup of tea or coffee. Don’t forget to add family pictures and favorite accessories to make the space your own!

We hope these tips help as you and your loved ones continue to figure out this whole work-from-home game!