Interior Design Services

Designing Everyday Luxury

Imagine your home as a haven that perfectly suits your dynamic lifestyle. Picture living, relaxing, and entertaining in a space you adore—we’re here to make that vision a reality! With our expertise, we transform tired houses into vibrant, bespoke homes that resonate with active families. Remodel now, and enjoy the positive ripple effect, ensuring lasting joy for years. Trust us—the investment in time and money will make a positive, lasting difference.

Project-Starter Consultation

Are you excelling in your profession but struggling to find time to transform your house into the perfect home? Time is slipping away, and the thought of not realizing your dream home is becoming unbearable. It’s time to move beyond just living – it’s time to thrive!

Discover the ideal remodeling solution tailored to your needs. Unsure whether to start from scratch or enhance your home’s existing features? We are here to guide you. Trust us to turn your vision into reality and create a space where you truly feel at home.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your living experience. Let us take the reigns (and heavy lifting of endless decisions) today, and let’s embark on the journey to transform your house into the home you’ve always desired.

  • Type: Project-Starter Consultation
  • Duration: Up to two hours
  • Price: $1,200
  • The first step to THRIVING in your home
  • Define your design style and project needs
  • Get customized layout sketches, color recommendations, finish material suggestions, and answers to your burning design questions!
  • Review our contract to move on to the next steps

Designer for a Day

Celebrate Your Progress! From purchasing your dream house to envisioning the perfect outcome, you’ve accomplished so much. Now, as you navigate through samples, decision fatigue has set in. Trusting your judgment becomes challenging, especially since you want this to be a one-time, perfect experience.

Enter the experts! It’s okay to seek professional opinions from those who truly understand the ins and outs. Embrace the moment, and let’s make your vision a reality. Time to bring in the pros – we’ve got you covered!

  • Type: Designer for a Day, One-Time In-Home Meeting
  • Duration: Up to two hours on-site, two to three hours of designer sourcing and selections off-site
  • Price: $2,500
  • Gain confidence to move forward with your project by having the professional visit your home
  • Get layout sketches, color recommendations, finish material suggestions, and furniture suggestions for your space!
  • Define your design style
  • We’ll follow up with a detailed summary for you to implement everything on your own!
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Color Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed with the array of paint color options like Gray Flannel, Long Lake, and Enchanted Eve? Your sister-in-law suggested a warm grey, but what does that really mean? With colors appearing differently in various lighting conditions, choosing the perfect shade can be daunting.

Unlock the transformative power of paint – the most cost-effective way to make a significant impact. Ensure it’s done right the first time with a better-educated opinion. It’s time to bring in the color expert! Call us for a seamless paint selection experience.

  • Type: Color Consultation
  • Duration: Up to one hour
  • Price: $750
  • Let the expert discover your perfect interior and/or exterior paint colors by working her magic using your preferred paint brand’s color deck
  • Receive a detailed paint spec sheet, including sheen levels. All you have to do is hand it to your painter.
  • Get color sample cards sent straight to your door!

Brainstorming Session

In the midst of the design dilemma – whether it’s choosing between grey or white, leather or fabric, or deciding on a sectional or sofa – a quick expert opinion can make all the difference. You want advice from someone who’s been there and done that in the design world.

Harness the power of collaboration – because two heads are better than one! When you’re in need of a little more guidance, Rebecca Ward Design is just a Zoom call away. Let’s turn your design ideas into a reality together!

  • Type: Brainstorming Session
  • Duration: Up to 30 minutes
  • Price: $500-650
  • Get real-time answers from a professional!
  • Hop on a Zoom call with one of our designers
  • You’ll receive a recording of the call for your reference
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The DIYer’s Guide

If you find yourself in need of some information on your remodeling journey, look no further than our Remodel Survival Guide! We’ve gathered our top tips to make your remodeling experience a breeze.

Curious about the best flooring for your lifestyle? Contemplating whether you need three contractor bids? Unsure about the glossiness of your kitchen wall paint? Our handy guide has the answers you seek! Download it now and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Type: Downloadable PDF
  • Price: $10
  • Expert advice on how to run your project smoothly
  • Checklist to keep track of your order of events during construction

Learn How to Design Like a Pro

My Design Mentor

Work with Rebecca to get guidance for interior designers starting out their career or business

Home Design Coach

We’ll teach you how to design and furnish your dream home in our guided 6 week program.

Customer Praise


Rebecca and her team exceeded all of my expectations for my newly designed master bedroom and bathroom. The finished result is absolutely stunning. She provided me with ideas and products that I would not have been able to come up with on my own. She was always prompt and professional in all of our dealings. She referred me to an excellent general contractor, Trademaster Construction, that she had worked with before. I will definitely be working with Rebecca again in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home designer.


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