Giving busy homeowners confidence through our worry-free design process, helping them thrive in a home that is a reflection of their lifestyle. Your next design project will be as painless and worry-free as possible with talented, licensed contractors and reputable suppliers who work with us to achieve our desired standard of excellence in each of our projects. Regardless of the consultation or design package you choose, we’ll guide you every step of the way! Explore our 7-Step Design Process in detail here.

The Project-Starter Consultation

You are great at what you do; that’s why they pay you the big bucks. Maybe you’re too good … because it seems like you never have enough time to get your house in order. You know the days are slipping away. And constantly facing the potential of your house without ever realizing it is something you aren’t willing to live with anymore. The truth is, you don’t just want to live, you want to thrive! You want to feel at home in your own home. You know there are many options for a remodel, but which one is the best for you? Is it time to just start from scratch and build something new, or does the house actually have good bones like the realtor told you? You understand when it’s time to hand the reigns over to the professional, and today is that day.

• Type: Project-Starter Consultation
• Duration: Up to two hours
• Price: $700
• The first step to THRIVING in your home
• Define your design style and project needs
• Get customized layout sketches, color recommendations, finish material suggestions, and answers to your burning design questions!
• Review our contract to move on to the next steps

The One-Time Consultation

You’ve come so far. You bought the house, visualized the outcome, started looking at samples and now you’ve hit decision fatigue. You’re having difficulty trusting your own judgment and you need to get this right because you’re only going to do this once. You suppose it may be time to get a professional opinion from someone who truly knows what they’re doing. Time to call in the pros!

• Type: One-Time Consultation
• Duration: Up to two hours
• Price: $700
• Gain confidence to move forward with your project by having the professional visit your home
• Get layout sketches, color recommendations, and finish material suggestions for your space!
• Define your design style
• We’ll follow up with a detailed summary for you to implement everything on your own!

The Color Consultation

Gray Flannel, Long Lake, Enchanted Eve. Your eyes are swimming from the names of all of those paint colors.  Your sister-in-law told you to pick a warm grey … what does that mean, anyway? Daylight, shadow, lights on, lights off—the colors look different every time you glance in their direction. They say paint is the least expensive way to make a big impact, but you want it done right the first time. Maybe it’s time for a better-educated opinion. Call in the color expert! 

• Type: Color Consultation
• Duration: Up to one hour
• Price: $350
• Let the expert discover your perfect interior and/or exterior paint colors by working her magic using your preferred paint brand’s color deck
• Receive a detailed paint spec sheet, including sheen levels.  All you have to do is hand it to your painter.
• Get color sample cards sent straight to your door!

The Brainstorming Session

All you need is a quick opinion: Grey or white; leather or fabric; sectional or sofa.  Whatever the dilemma, you need to bounce your idea off of an expert who has “been there, done that” in the design world. And isn’t it true that two heads are better than one? With that in mind, you know it’s time for a little more help. Rebecca Ward Design is only a Zoom call away!

• Type: Brainstorming Session
• Duration: Up to 30 minutes
• Price: $95
• Get real-time answers from a professional! 
• Hop on a Zoom call with one of our designers
• You’ll receive a recording of the call for your reference