The ideal living spaces are big, bright, and full of opportunity, but what about the spaces that seem impossible for relaxation and creativity? Whether you’ve been constantly rearranging your bedroom since you were little, using the small rooms as storage closets, or simply having as few pieces of furniture as possible as to not overcrowd the room, thriving in small spaces doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. With these helpful tips, you can put an end to feeling like a wizard living in a stairwell closet to create a space that feels as big as a castle!

1. The Illusion of Paint

It’s no secret that paint has the biggest impact to a room. Typically, you want to aim for bright neutral colors and stray from dark colors that will make the space feel small. If you have a love for dramatic and deep colors, consider a wainscotting accent wall or painting the closet doors! Overwhelmed with paint colors?  Book a Color Consultation to make sure you get the right color the first time!

2. Consider The Elephant in The Room

Storage organizers are your friends in a small room. Dressers tend to take up a lot of space in a room and can be replaced with closet organization systems or under-the-bed storage containers. If you’re not one to part with a convenient dresser, opt for a tall and slim dresser rather than short and wide, providing more floor space. Shop perfect dresser options in Rebecca’s collection!



3. Look on The Brightside

Lighting makes a huge impact in any room. Consider the color temperature, placement, and size of your light fixtures and the tone you want to set for the room. You may want to opt for more cool and luminous lighting for a study or office and warm relaxing tones for a bedroom or playroom. Free up floor and surface space with bedside wall sconces, you can even spruce it up with colorful mood lighting and fun string lights!


4. Raise the Room

The floor isn’t the only surface area to fill in a room, utilizing the wall space with shelves and art is essential in creating a lively and efficient space. Artwork and décor bring in color and character while wall shelves free up floor space from not needing bookcases for accent décor and of course, books! Mirrors are excellent additions, serving as both functional and artistic while creating an illusion of making the space seem bigger than it is!

5. Less is More

Overloading your space with different patterns and colors is the quickest way to make it feel small and overwhelming. There is no need to completely rule out patterns and bold colors, but it is wise to keep it to a minimum and know which patterns work well together and which don’t. Need help deciding which colors and patterns contrast and complement each other? Schedule a Brainstorming Session with us and we’ll give you our expert opinion!

The opportunity to make the most of any space is endless, keep in mind these simple tips to transform any small space and make the most of your home! Learn more useful tips on how to change your home by joining our Shifting Spaces Course where you can learn to alter your perspective on change, identify the reasons you want to change your home, get inspired, and learn where to go from there! For those who enjoy taking matters into their own hands, check out our DIYer’s Guide!