Rebecca Ward Design is not only a luxury design firm turning tired houses into homes where busy families love to live, but we also have a few different coaching and courses available for the public and aspiring designers.

My Design Mentor

My Design Mentor is Rebecca’s mentorship program for aspiring designers. Whether you are in school, looking to make a career change, or are just curious about what it’s like to be an interior designer, this is the course for you! It includes monthly worksheets and course topics, coaching calls with Rebecca, a quarterly book club, and a community page where you can discuss topics with your fellow coursemates.

Learn more and sign up for coaching here!

Shifting Spaces

Shifting Spaces was designed to address life’s many changes. This program starts by confronting how intimidating change can be and brings you to a place of dreaming about the many ways your homes can change to better service your life so that your home can be a place you feel at peace with for years to come.

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Home Design Coach

Home Design Coach Course is for anyone planning a home furnishing project and wants to do it right the first time! In this course, our team of professionally trained interior designers coach you through the practical side of designing your home. The course spans 6 weeks, and each week comes with 2 videos walking you through the process.

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