If you’ve worked with a designer and had a good experience, there are many ways to show them some love because they are a small business! There are many ways to support your designer and all of them don’t take much time or money.

One of the best things you can do is share a testimonial or review about your experience working with the designer! This helps the designer gain visibility and credibility with future clients. We always prefer getting a review on our Google profile, but receiving reviews on a Yelp page, our Houzz page is also helpful. You can also email the designer a testimonial for them to use on their website or social media profiles. If you aren’t sure what your designer’s preferred place to get a review is, ask her! She’ll love you for asking.

Another amazing thing you can do for your designer is refer them to a friend or favorite tradesman. Telling a friend about your good experience with a designer is an easy way to potentially get your designer more amazing clients, like you! We are always grateful when clients refer us to friends, so much so that sometimes we run a kick-back program where our clients get money back if they refer us to a friend who signs a contract with us! You might not think that telling a tradesman about your favorite designer would be helpful, but it can easily drum up business or a business partnership, which is always helpful.

Voting for your designer in local “Best Of” contests is another simple way of letting others know about your good experience with a designer. In Sacramento, we have the Best of Sacramento contest run by Sacramento Magazine. Any sort of local contest where you can show support for your designer is helpful!

By doing any or all of those 3 things, you’ll be helping a local designer in a MAJOR way. If you are a past client who ever did any of these things for us, we thank you!