Reflecting on my time as an intern at Rebecca Ward Design, brought me to think about what I assumed I would be doing in my daily tasks. To my surprise, it wasn’t anything like I had assumed.

Because I come from a background in drafting, I figured I would be doing a lot of that. It’s funny because I did that for years but I was MOST nervous about doing it again, or better yet, forgetting how to do it again. Some of my first and ongoing tasks were to put away and organize samples. What one might think of as monotonous work is a great eye-opener for someone who has not been in the interior design field yet. Going through samples helped me get to know different companies that are available to use while selecting items for a project. I knew there were so many products and vendors involved with interior design but it’s even more eye-opening and exciting when you can see them in person. There is so much more to offer than what you can seem to easily search for online.

Not only did I help with samples but I did many other various tasks. I attended site visits, design reviews, potential client kick-off meetings, and more. Each of these brought questions to mind that Rebecca and Lilly were more than happy to help answer. I know there is so much more I could learn from RWD, and hope I can help out even more in the future.




The team at Rebecca’s birthday breakfast!

Chelsea with Rebecca at local designer group meeting!