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Some of us on the RWD team have a real obsession with coffee table books. You can really never have too many! But what makes a great coffee table book? It should look pretty if it’s going to be sitting out on your coffee table and it should also be on a topic that is interesting and be filled with inspirational images. After all, the point of a coffee table book is to pique interest and bring joy for the short amount of time you’re looking through it.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for the perfect coffee table book that can sometimes be overlooked is that a coffee table book should be large in size. They are often used to ground a grouping of decorative objects on a coffee table book, so the book needs to be large enough to sit under other items. Also, consider what colors will fit in with your room style. If you have a very neutral interior design style, you might not want a pile of brightly colored books in the center of the room! Need some coffee table book inspiration? Here are some of our favorites:


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