Shifting Spaces Course

Move Toward Your Next Phase Of Life With A Master Remodel Plan

Stop the frustration of an outdated home. Banish the overwhelm of your home project looming over you.

It’s time you started planning.

Yet, you can’t help feeling like…

“The more I learn about remodeling, the less I know.”


You know what you want from your home because you’ve been dreaming of it for years.

Just bits and pieces, and it’s more of a feeling.

But you know you want it to feel like your style. Feel like a home you can entertain in and take a weekend off work for and not even need to go anywhere to feel relaxed.

Except, right now it’s not that at all.

Right now, it’s a blank canvas. With walls where there should be space. And a kitchen that would have been fine if you were still raising your kids. But now that you have the opportunity to actually enjoy cooking—you’re going to take advantage of it.

Because you deserve to have it.

And even though you know you deserve it, you’re still hesitating. You’re still watching the price of wood rise and are stunned with how long even small packages take to be delivered.

Add to that the pile of decisions you have to make.

(Like what that kitchen should actually look like)

And it’s a recipe for a healthy dose of procrastination.

You’ve been pushing off the decisions until you can’t anymore.

Not knowing where to start or what questions to ask a professional, how the design process works, the struggles of living through a remodel.

You’re irritated at yourself. At your house that won’t just magically tell you how to be what you want.

You’re ready for a change. Even if it means making those hard decisions.

You just need a little push in the right direction.

What you really need is some peace of mind with a direction to pursue, and the confidence that you’re making the right decisions.


To sit back on your couch with a glass of wine and a few friends around you. Laughing in comfort and style.

But before you can get there, there’s a mountain of legwork in the way.

You need to know where to start. Understand which questions to ask. And know how the design process works.

And then there’s life.

With work and other commitments, it’s difficult finding a moment to figure it all out.

Here’s the truth:


You don’t “figure it all out” by looking at pictures and daydreaming.

You won’t find the answers for your project by Googling.

And while you can hire an interior designer to help you figure it out from the start, that comes with a much bigger price tag than you really need.

The real secret to figuring out where to start on your project comes from understanding the reasons why you’re renovating your home in the first place.

Sure, you’ve always wanted your space to look like it belongs in a model home.

But that’s just it—you get to choose what kind of model home it looks like. And the functionality is just as important (if not more so) than the decor you have.

For example:
If you’re planning on updating your home for retirement, it’s probably not the time to add any stairs. And while you’re at it—you may even want to even out any rough thresholds and plan for seating that’s a bit easier to get out of than that oh-so-comfy couch you’ve had for years.

Understanding the why behind the changes you’re making will give you a lot of clarity on how to make it happen.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

You’ve been pushing off the truth, but it’s time to face it:

You’re Ready For A Change

You’re ready to have a succinct plan on what you want done in your house. And be able to communicate that to a third party to execute without a hitch. And you’re ready to have this checked off your list with enough time to get your supplies and furnishings shipped to your home pronto tonto.


We have just the thing for that.

Join the 100+ satisfied clients served by Rebecca Ward

Introducing Shifting Spaces

The fail-safe way for busy professionals to create their master remodeling plan with the help from an award-winning interior design professional.

You could have a master plan all prepped for your interior designer immediately after you complete this course.

This 4-Pillar program will take you from documenting what you need, to actually having a solid plan that reflects the style and functionality your home needs. So that your home will be a place you feel at peace with for years to come.

You’ll be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief to have a concise document to give your remodel team.

Rebecca has the unique perspective of seeing a project from the planning phase to the execution, and this experience is not something the average homeowner will have. Whether you have a major remodel project, or just need to rearrange your furniture or source an item, I recommend using Rebecca Ward’s expertise.

– Joe R., San Francisco, CA

Create a home you can relax and thrive in, not just manage to get by in.


Shifting Spaces is for you if…

  • You have a new house that needs to be modified to be functional and match your style.
  • Your situation is shifting and you now have more empty space that you want to take advantage of.
  • You need to make room for aging parents.
  • You’ve been meaning to remodel for ages but it hasn’t been the right time.
  • You’ve made some big decisions, but are worried that it won’t all pull together to make the home you want.
  • You are overwhelmed and don’t know how to make your home “yours”.
  • You want a house you can genuinely feel happy in without a dozen projects calling your name.
  • You want to find a look that looks like it was professionally designed.
  • You’re stalled on your remodel and need an expert’s help to get you going.
  • You are ready for a change in your home but don’t know where to start.
  • You know what you think will look good, but need an expert to confirm it.
  • You want to do everything using a master plan.

You’ve already seen that it’s so hard to know where to begin when remodeling your house. When you’re ready to get it done, you wonder if your project is too small or if you’ll be frustrating to work with since you don’t know much about the industry.

And you just want to make the most of this remodel and have a solid plan, as opposed to the more typical things you bring in from other places and hodgepodge. You just want it all to work together.

Learning more about remodeling your home has always made you feel like you don’t actually know anything about it.

Until now.

Which begs the question: Why do you need a course?

Here’s why you want to invest your time in this easy-to-follow program before hiring a designer:

  • This program helps you get unstuck on making the decision to remodel for the resale value rather than getting the most out of your house and you don’t have to choose between them.
  • This program walks you through the exact pieces of your home that you are dissatisfied with and help you figure out ways to make your home support you.
  • This program helps you find ways to accommodate the shifting needs in your life with your home—like aging parents, divorce, new pets, etc.
  • This program helps guide you through the challenges of change and prep you for the best design experience so you can thrive in your home.

This program was created after working with hundreds of homeowners like you through remodels during a change.

The principles you’ll see have helped breathe new life into a home that previously felt dark and had bad memories associated with them.

And have helped establish a retirement oasis that allows homeowners to comfortably and happily entertain guests, enjoy a staycation, and retire in. All with the homeowner’s unique style.

You shouldn’t have to hodgepodge a bunch of your favorite pieces with the dresser your kids grew up with just because you can’t decide on a style.

Nor should you have to dread walking past the rooms you’ve been meaning to remodel for years. You could feel completely confident in your remodel plans and have a way to make sure that plan happens.

With Shifting Spaces.

Ideal for homeowners looking to make their house feel like the home they’ve always wanted. Who just need a master plan and the right team to make it happen.

Switch from saying “I might get to it eventually” and start feeling the thrill that comes from having the perfect plan to create the home that reflects your cohesive style.

Get the Confidence to Burst Through Project Overwhelm

The problem with working with an interior designer too early in the game is that oftentimes you don’t even know what you want. It’s extremely difficult to convey which changes need to be made in your home, if you don’t actually know what your needs are for that space.

Unfortunately, you won’t find this out until after you’ve interviewed dozens of interior designers and still haven’t found one that grasps your vision. Leaving you discouraged. You begin to wonder, “Is my project too small?” and “Should I just be content with what I already have?”

All questions that leave you without a plan. And no remodel in sight.

Our Question: Why Do You Have To Have Everything Figured Out Before You Hire An Expert?

With Shifting Spaces, you don’t. We’ve created this program from decades of interior design expertise and after running dozens of clients through the processes you’ll find in the pillars.

Because each piece of the program has been tested and proven with real remodels, we can help you figure out the right answers before hiring a designer to make it all work.

“Rebecca’s process is AMAZING! You will not be disappointed with her style and service.”

I was struggling with how to best furnish it while honoring its modern features but bringing in my love for Hollywood Regency style. Rebecca’s process was amazing, though. She helped me walk through the Pinterest board I’d created, made notes of all my concerns, talked about what I liked and didn’t like, and CLEARLY discussed the budget, cost, and what services are included.

She never pushed a choice on me. Once items were selected we again discussed prices, fees, and timelines.

The end result is a living space to be proud of! Trust me, I show it off all the time! I highly recommend Rebecca and her wonderful team!

– Marcella M., Sacramento, CA

Anybody can hire contractors to do a job. Few can hand their contractor a plan with little room for misinterpretation.
We needed a professional to help us with our project. We often can’t agree on design and the process that Rebecca took us through really kept the disagreements to a minimum. It made the remodel less stressful and the contractor was impressed with the extensive plans we provided him with. Not a lot of room for misinterpretation.

– Donna R., Sacramento, CA

Why Should You Choose Shifting Spaces And Not Just Do The Legwork Yourself?

Sure, you could go out on Pinterest and thumb through California Home & Design to figure out what changes you want to make.

Or you could run through the 4 Pillars of Designing a Space That Feels Like Home and have a real plan with pricing elements, timelines, and the major decisions already made.

In less time than it takes to even create your dream board.

Here’s How We’ll Make Your

Project Stand Out From The Start:

01 Uncovering The Overwhelm

It’s not often that we take the time to slow down and evaluate why we are feeling a certain way about our situation. Feelings of stress and overwhelm swarm, making us feel angry and discouraged around the changes we have to make.

Even good changes have a difficult time taking root in the beginning. And these feelings are typically linked to a thought we’ve had like “change is always hard,” “this will never work for me,” and “I don’t like my home.”

This pillar teaches you how to go through the steps of finding the thoughts that are keeping you stuck in your remodel plans.

They’re the real reason you can’t seem to make choices about your project. And you’ll have the power to flip these thoughts on their head so that you can be productive, proactive and hopeful about your home. And feel amazing, confident and calm about changing your house.

02 Working With Your Circumstances

Projects like these aren’t something you just wake up one day and start doing. There’s often a driver—a change that takes place. Spurring you on to make the change now rather than 15 years ago.

Those changes can be big like the addition of people into your home…

…or tiny like creating another guest bedroom to make space for future grandchildren.

This pillar helps you identify the changes in your life, tells you what they mean for your design structure, and shows you how others have used these changes to influence their new home style and function. Without letting the change consume their life.

03 Planning For The Changes

Once you’ve identified all of the situations you need to account for in your remodel, you’re ready to create your plan.

We’ll walk you through the process of picking out your dream layout, furnishings, and paint colors. You’ll get options of things you may want to consider for your home, and have a process for figuring out if those things are really things you’ll need or want in the long run.

04 Moving Forward

Finally, you’ll see how you can take all that you’ve assembled and pass it off to your designer to make those plans a reality.

You’ll learn the proper verbiage to use, the important pieces of your plans you need to pull out for your designer, and how to ensure that your project doesn’t fall apart in the middle.

In the end, you’ll have a master plan all ready to hand off to your team of interior designer and contractors to get to work on.

Bonus: 1:1 Consult Call With Interior Design Expert, Rebecca Ward

Does the thought of having a master plan make you sigh with relief?

Well, then you’re about to feel even better than that.

You now have access to interior design expert Rebecca Ward 1:1.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask for her expert opinion if you get stuck or to present your master plan to and get some much-needed feedback before you assemble your team for the project.

It’s a luxury not even clients get before a deposit is made. But because you’re buying this program, you’ll also get a complimentary 30-minute 1:1 Zoom call.

I just wanted to say again how much we appreciated the design consultation and follow-up services we received from you last year. I just recommended your services to a friend of mine and it reminded me how transformative a 30-minute zoom consult could be! I still get a ton of compliments on the living areas you helped us revise. Thank you again for your expertise and professionalism. We are loving our home.

– Becky G. Sacramento, CA


Rebecca Ward

For over 2 decades, Rebecca has been helping Californian homeowners like you design a house that feels like home.

Since opening Rebecca Ward Design in 2007, Rebecca and her team have helped hundreds of homeowners gain the confidence in their design decisions and create a home they love.

From paint selections to appliance recommendations, Rebecca delivers a design tailored to the individual. Every time.

Experience You Can Trust…

Create The Living Space You Can Be Proud Of

Get your Master Plan created with Shifting Spaces.
Unlike what you’re doing now…

  • You won’t need to question if you accounted for everything you’ll need.
  • You won’t feel the overwhelm of the unknown hanging over your head.
  • You won’t avoid entering certain rooms in your house because you’re not ready to confront all the work they’ll take to remodel.
  • You won’t have to wonder when you’ll finally get the house you’ve been wanting for years.
  • You can run your plans by an expert interior designer and get personalized advice and direction BEFORE you actually work with her.

Plan For Anything Guarantee

We’ve gotten enough shipments of handmade tile to know that even if the quality is there—some things just aren’t for you. If you decide within 14 days of purchasing Shifting Spaces that it isn’t delivering the promised outcome for you, reach out to us at [email protected] with the work you’ve done and we’ll give you a refund.

If you are experiencing changes in your life and know you need to alter your home to fit these changes, then this course is for you! It doesn’t only teach the abc’s of changing your home to fit your lifestyle, but also empowers you to feel confidant with those changes! Change can be hard, but I learned that when you embrace your circumstances, you have the tools to change your life for the better.

– Lilly J., Sacramento, CA