Let’s talk about colored cabinets. Sure, a white kitchen is classic and has stood the test of time, but brightly colored kitchens have been popular since the 30s and remained the popular choice all the way through the 50s. Over the next few decades, public opinion shifted between wood and white, but bold-colored cabinets have been making a strong comeback for a while now and are featured everywhere from interior designers’ portfolios to magazine articles and online publications.

It makes sense considering everything in design cycles in and out of style, and we are here for this comeback! While neutral kitchen cabinets are timeless, colored cabinets are so fun!! Take a look at this rainbow of cabinets we’ve curated and allow yourself to dream of your kitchen in color.

Purple Gloss (Source)

Burgundy Farmhouse (Source)

Red POP (Source)

Fire Engine Red (Source)

Warm Neutrals with Orange (Source)

Fruity Modern Orange (source)

Mustard Modern (Source)

Olive Green (Source)

Cool Green (Source)

Teal Winner (source)

Stone Blue (Source)

Lovely Lavender (source)

Dusty Pink (Source)


For colored cabinet inspiration from the RWD portfolio, check out our Elegant Feminine Estate and Fashionable Farmhouse projects and reach out to us here if you need help picking a paint color for your colored cabinets!