Fashionable Farmhouse

Photos: Kat Alves Photography

Summary: Our involvement in this bespoke new build project commenced at its inception, when the structure was but a skeleton. We curated a palette of paint colors and advised on finishes, carefully selecting accent hues that would define the home’s aesthetic, including the captivating blue of the island and its complementary barn door.

Simultaneously, we embarked on crafting furniture layouts, envisioning the living spaces that would soon come to fruition. With meticulous planning, we curated a haven of comfort and style, outfitting the downstairs with a cozy family room, a vibrant dining area, and a serene guest bedroom. The carefully chosen light fixtures, which grace the entryway and dining room with their timeless elegance, perfectly complementing the ambiance of each space.

We seized the opportunity to infuse personality into overlooked nooks, such as the laundry room. Here, a bold statement wallpaper adorned with striking black and white fans adds so much character and charm. Eager to embark on your own journey of design excellence? Click here to take the first step towards realizing your vision with us!

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