During a recent visit with one of our favorite sales reps, she mentioned that she has been drawn to the color green a lot recently, and we realized we have too and the industry as a whole seems to be embracing green. So many products we regularly source now have green as an optional colorway when it didn’t before.

It makes sense that green is rising in popularity for interiors because, as you might already know if you read our Color and Emotion blog post, green promotes feelings of freshness and growth and 2023 has an air of freshness to it. After coming out of 2 years of the pandemic, we are all embracing how we have grown and are ready for a fresh start.

Green goes great with blue and orange hues like terracotta, which is another popular color right now. Whether it’s olive green, mint green, or kelly green, we are so excited to start introducing more green into upcoming projects!

Here are some of our favorite green interiors we’ve seen recently to inspire the green in your life: