There’s something to be said for the simplicity of a minimalist interior. The clean lines, lack of clutter, and abundance of negative space create a feeling of tranquility, and the quietness of the decor somehow allows you to focus your thoughts and take a break from your busy schedule.
A form of minimalism, zen interior design also takes inspiration from Asian culture. The use of natural materials, such as smooth pebbles, water features, and bamboo give these spaces the feeling of being an extension of the outdoors. Accent furniture and tables tend to be low and flat, and upholstery follows suit, with a lower seat height. This allows the ceilings to feel even higher, creating even more negative space. Cherry blossom motifs and paper shoji doors have become trademarks of this style.
Take a look at these beautiful zen interiors and contact us if you’d like some help creating your own spa-like oasis!

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