What do Tahoe cabins, an old barn, and Joanna Gaines’ house have in common? All of these spaces embrace the look of worn, unfinished wood – one of the key characteristics of country style interior design.

Similar to industrial style in its use of rustic materials, country style typically has a cozier feel due to the addition of gingham and plaid patterned upholstery. Painted finishes and stains are distressed to give hints of what’s underneath, and repurposed objects give the spaces a homemade feel.

Variations of this style include: Americana (all things red white & blue), French country (think tufted cushions and roll top sofas), Shabby Chic (a more delicate and girly take on country), and cabin style (like that wood-walled cabin in Tahoe we mentioned earlier). Check out the photos below for some inspiration!

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