Ever since learning about zen dens a few years ago, we’ve been referencing them nonstop! If you are wondering what in the world a zen den is, it’s a space in your home that has the purpose of relaxing you and growing your self-awareness. This space can be anything from an entire room in your home to a designated chair in the corner of your bedroom.

With how busy life is, we think everyone should have a zen den! If you have a particularly stressful day, go to your zen den. If you are starting a daily meditation practice, your zen den is the perfect spot. Or maybe you read daily as your ‘you time’, do it in your zen den. It is your place to relax, unwind, and learn more about yourself, and having the designated space for that gives you and those around you permission and a purpose to relax.

So, how do you create a zen den? Depending on how large your space is going to be, you might need different items, but all of it should revolve around relaxing you and bringing you joy. This means it should look, smell, sound, and feel nice and relaxing. You want a clutter-free environment with no distractions so make sure your zen den isn’t in a busy part of the house.

If your zen den is as simple as your bed or a nearby chair, it might include a nicely scented candle, a comfy pillow, a blanket, and a small tabletop water fountain for relaxing white noise. If you are outfitting a larger space, like a patio, she shed, or a room in your house, your zen den could include different spaces for different purposes. You might want an area for a yoga mat for meditation or your daily yoga practice as well as a cozy chair and ottoman for relaxation and a massage chair or table for massages. Everyone’s zen den will look different because it’s personal to you!

Here are some examples of zen dens to help inspire and show the possibilities of what your zen den could be:

We touch on zen dens in our online course, Shifting Spaces, but wanted to also do a deep dive here for you! If you need help transforming a space in your home into a zen den, check out the Shifting Spaces Online Course or reach out to us here.