I was sadly unaware of the existence of furniture banks until I went to the Why Green, Why Not? symposium in Las Vegas this month, as I mentioned in my blog here.  Kathy Ireland mentioned it as a way to be green.  I wasn’t the only one not in the loop though, since someone piped up to ask her what exactly a furniture bank was.  On returning home I did a little research and found one local to me as well as useful websites for furniture banks nationwide and I thought I would pass on this knowledge for those unaware of their existence, like me

There is an organization called the National Furniture Bank Association (NFBA) whose mission is “to assure that no child in America has to sleep on the floor.”  Furniture banks will take your donated unwanted furniture, often pick it up, and relocate it to a family in need.  What a wonderful way to clear the room for your new furniture or just get rid of some in an over cluttered space.

For my local readers, Furniture for Families in Folsom, California is the furniture bank for the area.  Other furniture banks can be located on the NFBA website simply by entering your zip code.

Of course, there are always charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army as well as internet sources like freecycle who will be happy to take your donations.

I think knowing about furniture banks will be a great value for me in finding ways to help my community and I will definitely recommend it to my clients, families and friends! 

Have you ever used one?