We are ending 2010 with a guest post from Design Shuffle.  They are going to give a look into what is in store for 2011 in the world of design!

Predicting interior design trends and what the public will embrace has long been the main focus of IMM Cologne’s expert committee of the international trend board. Each year the committee researches and assesses what consumers are up to and what is on their minds. When predicting trends for 2011, the experts determined people were doing a little questioning of their own when it came to interior design ideas. SO just what is on the buying public’s minds? They’re figuring out what it takes to live comfortably, looking for innovation and personalization in products, and finding a localized balance in an increasingly globalized world. So how does this translate into the interior design trends headed our way for 2011?

Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-William’s director of color marketing, sums it up.  “We’re celebrating our individuality, embracing what has personal meaning and shedding what doesn’t.” So with Jordan’s translation in mind, these are the top interior design trends of 2011—a few new, and few brought with us from 2010.

Bold Design Decisions
The strong interest in all things ethnic, handmade and meaningful finds interiors with bolder designs such as heavy texture, geometric and nature prints, and natural materials on window treatments and home décor accessories. Artisan pieces, such as those made by National Geographic’s Novica artists are found for every room of the home. Colors are bold and natural with Pantone’s Honeysuckle in the forefront, its reddish base and pink finish the exact match for the flower. Designers are totally on board for the new trends, with New York interior designers helping their clients find their own style.

Mixing It Up
Simplicity is at the forefront as the formal and traditional are stripped down and replaced by mixing pattern, texture and layering materials. Casual feel good prints and fabrics paired with warm distressed woods and finishes mix it up and basically, eclectic rules as we get to choose what goes where. Design that is personalized and reflects individual character is tops for 2011.

Natural Materials & Texture
Hyper-sensitivity to the environment continues as we look to natural materials in all aspects of the home. Organic and natural fabrics, non-toxic paints and finishes are resplendent. Furniture shows natural aging distressed by usage with rust, water marks, nicks and dings. With use of natural materials comes texture and lots of it, everywhere. Heavy woven and nubby fabrics, rough metals and distressed wood are all sources of the abundant texture.

Overlapping flooring and wallpapers make for wonderful layers of color, texture and bold design. Putting a vividly woven rug atop an existing printed carpet or using differing wallpapers in the same room are examples of the layering being seen. Some are even putting printed wallpaper on the ceiling while having an entir
ely different, even clashing, print on the walls. Modern colors, bold geometrics and large florals are all part of the layering movement. San Francisco interior designers in particular are embracing this trend in particular with many layered designs being seen in the shelter magazines.
Content provided by Design Shuffle which is a social media site filled with interior design ideas from top tier design talent around the world. Best of all, registration is completely free.

Thank you Design Shuffle for all the great information!  Don’t forget to link your inspiration boards for 2011 in the 2011 inspiration post.  I want to see what YOU think is in store for 2011.