Are you getting ready to start a home design project, but have a few questions and ideas to run by a professional? A One-Time Consultation is perfect for that! During this meeting, two of our designers will come to your home to answer any questions you have and to come up with design solutions so you feel ready to move forward in your design project.

With a flat fee of $700, this meeting can last up to two hours and is perfect for anyone who needs a little confidence boost before moving forward with their furnishing or remodel project.

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But what really happens during the meeting? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect at a One-Time Consultation with Rebecca Ward Design:

  • Two of our designers will come to your home, at the time and date of your choice, and walk through it with you to see what design dilemmas you are facing.
  • As they walk through the house they will start brainstorming solutions, sketching layout options, selecting paint colors, discussing color palettes, and deciding on a design direction. If you have not already, take our design style quiz to start this process!
  • If your project involves a remodel, they will bring finish options for flooring, countertops, and backsplashes to discuss with you.
  • After the meeting, you’ll receive a detailed summary of everything that was discussed during the meeting, as well as color sample cards for any paint colors that were selected.
  • Now you’re ready to implement the design on your own! We can also provide contact information for our favorite tradespeople if you need someone to help you do the work.

It’s as simple as that! Let us help you have the confidence to change your home for the better with our One-Time Consultation.

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