Starting a new job or internship can be a daunting experience because you don’t know if you will fit in or if you are capable of doing the job. You find yourself asking, will co-workers like me or my personality? All these unknowns play into feeling anxious, nervous, excited, and joyful on your very first day.

For myself starting at Rebecca Ward Design was all that and then some, to say the least, but I found out very quickly that all the worrisome feelings I was feeling were just a bluff. They made me feel very welcomed and part of the team as I embarked on my first assignment which required my listening skills to be on point as I noted everything down during a home consultation. By giving me this assignment on my very first day, I felt like they trusted me and was part of the beginning of a successful internship. 

As I continue my internship, I have learned to embrace the newbie position as I be myself, be calm, listen effectively, be open and aware of all the new experiences, ask a ton of questions, as well as take the time to learn as much as possible from Rebecca Ward and her team. I look forward to the endless learning possibilities at Rebecca Ward Design.

Nancy Hernandez