Put a Little Flower On It

A couple of years ago, we designed this floral tree with live flowers for our Sacred Heart Home Tour show house! The effect was incredible and the room smelled amazing. The next year, we did another floral tree, but with faux florals!! Whether you’re using real flowers or fake, we LOVE this twist on Christmas tree decorations!

If you don’t want to cover your tree in florals, adding a few here and there still adds a fresh and cheery effect!



Pick a Theme and Stick To It

Themed trees are fun and can add a lot of character to a room! Nowadays, there are so many options for ornaments, so whatever theme you chose, there are bound to be lots of options for ornaments within that theme!



This sweet tree is another great example of how cute a themed tree can be!



Pom Poms!

Trim the tree in something a little different, like pom poms! You can either buy some, or try to make them. They’re really easy to make, and there are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube!



Our pom pom tree from the 2018 Sacred Heart Home Tour was covered in handmade poms! We made them in multiple colors, and accented them with felt garland.


Unexpected Color Pops

Pink isn’t typically usually used for decorating at Christmas time, but trimming the tree in an unexpected pop of color is bound to make a statement and draw a smile!



Blue is another unusual Christmas color, but was used so beautifully in this home! Pick your favorite color, or a color that will compliment your home decor, and go for it!



Are you going to try to implement any of these ideas into your home this year?! Let us know!