Today I’m happy to bring you guest bloggers Christina Johnson & Mia Kelly who have written a very informative article about Trendy Renovations and what’s happening in the remodel industry. Enjoy!
Contractors and homeowners are busy setting their sights on the top renovation trends for the next decade, hoping these trends will spark positive movements in real estate markets. Many of the renovation trends popular in the early 2000s are simply out of date and frankly a bit uninspired. The exterior trends need light to moderate alterations such as a fresh coat of paint in a bright new color, yet a lot of home interiors require major overhauls as kitchens and bathrooms begin to look outdated and worn.  Geographical location is important too, a trend may be just beginning in the New York real estate market area, but in the California market it could be old news.

In the last ten years, kitchen cabinets were defined by natural wood and colored melamine. Yet, the new trends in kitchen styles are not following these basic patterns anymore.

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 Drawers: Cabinet doors are being changed for drawers that contain everything from clothes to washers and dryers! Manufacturers are designing their appliances to fit into drawers. Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and warming drawers will all be contained within space saving drawers. Renovations for the next decade place a high premium on saving space but also minimalism. These space saving drawers are wonderful ways to keep your busy life organized without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home.

Colors: Many modern style followers are enamored with glossy colors. Bright reds, greens, and aqua blues are the cutting edge colors for the brave and style conscious. Others still will continue to enjoy the sophisticated dark, warm, and natural colors characteristic of 2010.


Countertops: Granite and marble are being replaced by composite countertops. They possess the look and feel of natural stone without the worry of damage. Composite countertops are made of Zodiaq and Silestone and mixed with a synthetic bonding material. These mixed material countertops are more durable and heat-resistance than granite and come in a variety of colors.

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Bathroom Styles

The size of bathrooms has doubled as compared to the last 10 years. This is because bathrooms are not simply bathrooms anymore. They have become multi-room, multi-purpose spa rooms, and luxury shower spaces. Tile is still the floor material of choice and can be seen on the walls and even ceilings of these luxury bathrooms.
Soaker tubs, a Japanese innovation, are large enough to stretch your legs out and high enough to completely submerge your body into the water. Other gadgets like hot air bubblers, massage your body more evenly than traditional spa tub.  The shower has split into two areas. The first area is large and glass with seats and many showerheads. The second area is an enclosed cabinet with a full steam bath. Ad to this equation a flat screen television, iPod player, and color therapy lighting and the shower doubles as a home entertainment theater.

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DecksContractors are designing decks larger and more functional. This new style deck is layered platforms that include an outdoor ecosystem complete with plants, trees, and even outdoor jacuzzis. Building decks that double as outdoor living spaces, complete with barbecue grills, fire pits, and full furniture is a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

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In-Law Suites
As the baby boomer generation takes on more responsibility with children and parents, In-Law suites recognize the multi-generational living situations of many families. In-Law suites are convenient solutions for long term living arrangements necessitated by the baby boomer generations’ growing care responsibilities toward their children and parents. These suites will range anywhere from 1 to 3 bedrooms often time with full bathrooms.
Thank you Christina and Mia! 

Christina Johnson is a grad student pursuing a masters in journalism and an avid writer in her free time.  She is particularly interested in real estate, politics, and green efforts.  Her co-writer Mia Kelly works in the real estate field and also in her spare time writes articles on up-and-coming trends in home renovations easy DIY tips.