Today I am pleased to bring you another guest blog.  Joyce Eddy is founder of Habersham which provides custom furniture and cabinetry to its clients.  Enjoy Joyce’s post about concealed kitchens:
There’s little question that the kitchen is the heart of today’s home.  It’s where we share meals and conversations with family and friends.  It’s the place guests inevitably gravitate to during any party or gathering.  And, it’s often the focal point — and key determining factor —  many families consider when deciding to buy a home. 

The kitchen is also a trend showcase. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA – recently announced the Top 10 Design Trends from the 2010 NKBA Design Competition
Topping the list at #1 was “Concealed Kitchens.”   According to the NKBA,   “Kitchen design has reached a new level of integration. The quiet incorporation of the kitchen into the home’s primary living and entertaining rooms provides homeowners with far more flexibility in their lifestyles. The incorporation of integrated and concealed appliances allows the kitchen to enhance rather than intrude into other spaces.“

Custom cabinetry designs can help you  creatively and conveniently integrate appliances into your kitchen – in a way that truly blends seamlessly into your home ….and your lifestyle . Integrated refrigeration cabinetry can easily conceal freezer drawers, split door and full door units.  Dishwasher cabinetry offers an ideal  cover for virtually any appliance brand.  And countless storage options can be designed to meet your needs. 

What’s more, with most cabinetry styles you can choose from a wide range of finish options to create kitchen looks that truly reflect your own sense of style.

Joyce Eddy, Founder/Chairman, Habersham

Thank you Joyce for your great insight and beautiful photos!