At Rebecca Ward Design, we follow a seven-step design process to ensure that our projects run smoothly with as few surprises as possible! That being said, there are always highs and lows that come with any project. These ups and downs often follow each step of the process – check it out:

Steps 1. and 2. Consult and Gather. This is always a high point because our relationship as client and designer is just starting! It’s like our honeymoon phase where we are sharing ideas and discussing all the exciting things for the future.

Step 3. Design. While the design phase is a high for us designers, it can often be hard for the client because you aren’t seeing any progress yet. All you are seeing are invoices, which can be hard until you see all the work we are doing.

Step 4. Present. This is when you finally get to see the design of your new home! It’s always one of our favorite steps and is a definite high point for everyone.

Step 5. Implement. If you suddenly find yourself living on a construction site or anxiously waiting for new furniture to arrive, you’re in the implementation phase. This low point lasts the longest but it’s an essential step toward your dream home.

Step 6. Install. Install Day is so much fun! All your new furniture arrives, we accessorize everything to look picture-perfect and all the waiting visibly pays off.

Step 7. Conclude. The conclusion of a project can feel like a low point sometimes because there are often deficiencies that still need to be addressed. A delayed piece of furniture or a small lingering remodel issue could easily make it feel like your project will never end. We promise it will! This is just the last step before you get to enjoy your new home.

We hope laying the design process out like this helps you feel prepared for the day your remodel comes along! Please let us know if you have any questions about the design process and when you are ready to get started on your home design project, reach out to us here for your free Discovery Call!