The Chair as an intimate journey,from the nucleus of the home toward far-off destinations.
Like a light, free flying carpet.
A heart, a leaf, a flower, opening up majestic to let you in.
Carnal, yet bizarrely infantile, sumptuous but rested and secret.
A wonderful charm: the excitement of velvet, a flicker of silk, to relive in the colours of the mosaic, amidst chromatic phrasing, that disperses glare, then collects together sudden lights.
Where sentiment joints amazement and art does not appear at the end to times, but rather at their origin, in a mosaic.

Sicis, an Italian company known for their mosaics, has, with the help of Carla Tomoleo developed a branch of their company called Sicis Next Art which is a creation of art of the future. As you can see this chair, called Tenderly, is just a sample of the incredible and whimsical peices they have in furniture as art.

It looks pretty comfortable to me!
Happy Friday!

Images from Sicis