While I was at Borders recently, I picked up a book from the bargain section (I love getting a bargain!)  I think this one is worth the small sum and will be sure to fit into any budget.  The book is called The Healthy Home Workbook: easy Steps for Eco-Friendly Living.

Inside, you will find the book full of great advice for making your house a healthier place to live from paint and carpet to buying local and organic foods and having an organic garden.  There’s even instructions for making your own “Healthy Pillow.”  The photographs are inspiring and perfectly emanating the essence of healthy living.

I am finding some very valuable tips in this book that I can incorporate into my life.  I’ve made the book available on my bookstore (it really costs only a few dollars or used for a few cents!) if you don’t have a chance to run to your local Borders.

Here is a parting quote from the book on the subject of furniture and fabrics:
Begin replacing synthetic soft goods (pillos, curtains, rugs) with natural materials and fabrics such as organically grown cotton, linen, and hemp.

Organic materials are becoming more available as the demand increases, as I mentioned in a past post about West Elm now having organic bedding available.

And for some random knowledge about natural fibers, did you know wool is the most flame resistant of natural fabrics?