About 2 years ago, I did some volunteer work on a school down in Tijuana, Mexico called Colegio de la Esperanza. It was a La Rosa Blanca Workshop hosted by the Americas Foundations and Ilan-Lael Workshop. We worked with artist/designer James Hubbel and landscape architect Ilisa Goldman on a most beautiful school created with mosaics and fluid organic building shapes. It is always a work in progress and there were many jobs to do: tending the gardens and landscape, tiling the interior and exteriors of the buildings, pouring concrete for walkways and stairs, etc. These photos will give you a look at what a beautiful school it is turning out to be on top of a hill in an impoverished city.

There are so many children in Tijuana and young families and a lot of them don’t go to school. Every student at the school is sponsored and they receive a good education with a huge exposure to the arts, not only visual but performing. All materials used for the job are donated. If you are interested in supporting this school or foundation or a student, you can go through the

website or here for a student.

Photos by Rebecca Ward