I didn’t get very far into this months issue of Dwell Magazine before I stopped at  the Fisher & Paykel advertisement for refrigerator drawers.

Refrigerator drawers are not new to the market but they seem slow to make there way into the standard kitchen.  The concept seems great – no more searching, stacking, spilling in your refrigerator shelves.  Open your drawer and everything is in plain site.  You can see at a glance the vegetables that need to be used right away and how many chicken breast you have to cook for dinner.

A few drawbacks I can see are taking up storage space where you would normally have pots and pan now your cabinets.  The shelves in the fridge are adjustable if you need to make room for a giant turkey or cake where as once these drawers are in, they’re not changing their size.

I think the solution is to have some of each.  Maybe cut back from the giant side by side professional freezer and refrigerator and transfer some of it to the drawers.  The Fisher & Paykel add claims, “Change from a freezer to a fridge to a wine drawer all at the touch of a button” which would make it very accommodating to adapt to your entertaining needs.

What’s your take on the drawers?  Do you think you could live without your traditional refrigerator?

Images from Fisher & Paykel