I am loving the look of reclaimed wood furniture and flooring.  It’s so natural and “green” that it makes me happy to simply see the wonderful pieces cropping up everywhere.  I noticed the reclaimed wood being featured all over the Las Vegas Winter Market this year.  I particularly loved everything in the Dovetail Showroom, which featured much of this style.  Some of it is very rustic and provencal while others look cleaner and washed in the Scandinavian style.

Image from Dovetail

As I looked through my magazines this last weekend, I especially liked the spread in the April issue of House Beautiful called “The New Look of Wood” with categories of reclaimed, washed, tinted, graphic, and white.  The pictures are so inspiring and exquisite that I recommend picking up this issue.  I give you just a sampling here to whet your appetite.

Images by Rebecca Ward