As interior designers, we have years of experience in home renovations and remodels. Over those years, we’ve learned many invaluable lessons along the way. So, we decided to put together a guide for surviving a remodel!

In the pamphlet, we include the ideal order of events, things to know before you start tearing down walls, important notes on materials, and numerous other little tips and tricks to know about the process and how to live in a home that is under construction (see the Table of Contents below).

All of the information provided in the guide is SO important to know before you start any sort of remodel project… really it’s best to know this information while you’re still in the very beginning, dream stages of a project. So make sure you get it now!

The pamphlet is available for download on our Etsy store for only $20. Click here to get there and gain access to our tips for remodel survival!