As the first month of the new year comes to a close, we are full of excitement and anticipation for the new design trends on the horizon in 2019. We predict that many of our favorite trends from last year are going to be sticking around (yay!). Here are the trends we think, and hope, will be following us through the next year.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals were seen as a no-no for a long time in the design world. However, recently mixed metals have become popular, and thank goodness for that! This trend grew in popularity due to brave designers who were willing to break away from the norm. Now, it’s such a common trend that plumbing fixture manufactures have begun creating mixed metal fixtures (like the one from our Black & White Kitchen & Bath project, pictured above). When done well, mixing your metals can be freeing, fun, and beautiful.

Statement Mosaics

Breezy Bachelor Pad

This trend has been around for a while and honestly, we hope it never leaves! Statement mosaics never fail to wow, no matter where they are used, and there are so many different styles to choose from. The graphic, geometric tiles shown above from our Breezy Bachelor Pad project give the space a contemporary feel. However, if we’d chosen a scrolling floral mosaic instead, the style of the space would change completely.

Colored Cabinets

Colored cabinets have made a big splash in the design world recently, the most popular look being navy lower cabinets with white uppers. Blue toned cabinets in general have been very well received (just like in our Darling Davis Farmhouse project), but we’ve also seen many shades of green, teal, yellow, grey, and even some black! So fun!

Bold Walls

We looove a statement! And what better way to make a statement than with your walls. Whether it’s a gorgeous, un-expected paint color or a larger than life wallpaper, going bold is just plain fun! If having bold walls scares you a little, but you still want to be in on the fun, consider going bold in a smaller space, like a powder room or a laundry room (just like we did on our Darling Davis Farmhouse project).

Accessories Trend: Round Mirrors and Blush Accents

Round mirrors and blush accents were super popular last year, and will definitely continue to be well received this year! We have an over sized round mirror in our office, and we love it! We have also used blush to accessorize in many projects recently and it always looks amazing. The image above was designed by Consort Home and is a perfect example of trendy accessories.

Unabashed Love for What Makes You Happy

Breezy Bachelor Pad

Trends are never static, always changing and shifting. We often have clients who express to us that they are worried about following a design trend, only for it to then change and become unfashionable. Our answer to them is, if you really love the look, you should go for it! If something becomes “un-trendy,” but it’s a look that brings you happiness, that’s all that really matters. Be brave and love that trend wholeheartedly!