Black & White Bath & Kitchen

Photos: Kat Alves Photography

Summary: When we were brought onto this project, both the kitchen and bathroom were lacking the flair that our client wanted. They were mostly an abundance of wood and beige finishes that failed to resonate with our client’s taste. We embarked on a transformative journey to transform these spaces and the metamorphosis was nothing short of extraordinary. Bid farewell to the mundane browns, and ushered in an era of timeless elegance with the introduction of luxurious marble and sleek grey cabinets, crafting a haven for aficionados of neutral color palettes.

The pièce de résistance? The bold geometric kitchen backsplash tile, injecting a dynamic sense of movement into the culinary space, while the playful marble and mirror penny round tiles in the bathroom infuse an element of whimsy and delight. A monumental sheet mirror extending from backsplash to ceiling effortlessly amplifies natural light, ensuring the bathroom remains a luminous sanctuary of relaxation.

Not to be outdone, the fireplace underwent a remarkable transformation, shedding its former red brick facade to emerge as a seamless integration into the home’s cohesive aesthetic. Ready to embark on your own journey of design transformation? Click here to take the first step towards realizing your vision with us!

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