When I was visiting the interiors store Scout in Oakland a while back, I noticed they featured Mythic Paint.  I wasn’t too familiar with it so I decided to look it up and pass my findings on to you.

Most paint manufacturers like Dunn-Edwards are going green to reduce emissions and create healthier interior environments.  Yolo Colorhouse Paints‘ tag line is “the environmentally responsible paint company”.

Mythic Paint has the phrase “non-toxic paint” built into their logo and it seems they are built around this fact.  Mythic has no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are bad for the environment and people.  This paint is safe for people, pets and the earth.  It has very low odor, which is one of the number one complaints people have about paints.

You may be familiar with the spokesperson for Mythic Paint, David Bromstad of HGTV’s show “Color Splash”.

Mythic is another great option for eco-friendly paint.  For more information on the product, visit their website.

Images from Mythic Paint