I have inherited some fabulous chairs from my grandmother. As the years go on I love them more and more.
They are a pair of petite channel back chairs upholstered in a pale orange damask. The slender french legs and scroll arm are finished in a warm tobacco stain. They are finished off with piping at the edges and brass nailheads at the arms and the bottom front of the chairs. The backs are very round and deep so I put some rectangular throw pillows on them, which added a lot of comfort for those hours I spend reading in them or browsing the internet on my laptop.

I was a little iffy about the color a few years ago but now I love them and they look quite perfect next to the bookshelves against the khaki colored walls.
I will need to get them reupholstered someday since our beloved kitty has mistaken these fine chairs for her scratching post a few too many times. Also, since they are many years old, they have started to show general wear and tear around the piping at the edges.

I have no idea how old they are or who made them but I’m determined to do a little research to see what I can find out!