Last month, I posted this about the improvements I have been making to this blog.  I have been taking a 7 week course called Blogging Your Way hosted by Holly Becker of Decor8 and co-taught with Leslie of A Creative Mint.  It was so helpful to learn tips from such successful bloggers and get feedback from all the students in the class.  (If you are interested, check back with Decor8 in August when the fall class is announced).  As you can see I have made massive changes to the blog even in the past few weeks!

Here are a few of the changes you may have noticed:

I added pages with links to them running below my new header.  Besides the standard “Home” page that I have had all along, I have added:

This page will showcase some of my interior design projects that I have highlighted in my blog and can also be seen at my business website:

 Image by Rebecca Ward

Inspired from the class, I have started two monthly columns: 5 Favorites – a column where I post some of my monthly favorite things and Design:Sacramento – a column where I highlight some local businesses that I have found useful in my interior design business.

Image from lumens

Worth Checking Out
This is where I feature advertisers and links to various blogs.  You will also find badges here to use if you would like to link back to Design R

An easy way to find a past posting, organized by topic

I started a bookstore on Amazon that I will post most of the design books I own and others I recommend or may mention in my blog.  It’s easy to find and you can purchase it here!  So easy!

If you have any questions or comments, I provided my email and a link to my website

You may also notice that the blog template and colors have been adjusted as well as the header.  I feel like I have tweaked this blog into a good place now and I think it will be like this for a while.  However, I’m sure down the road you will find me craving some change, just like rearranging the furniture in a room.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!