The average house of today contains many gadgets and gizmos.  We, and especially our kids, are becoming more tech savvy and reliant.  These fabulous tech items usually start piling up on coffee tables, vunerable to kids, dogs, coffee spills.  There is never a plug available for your charger. As designers, we have to start becoming creative on ways to incorporate tech into our designs, rather than leave it to an after thought.

I had the privilege recently of getting to see first hand a wonderful peice of tech that will fit perfectly into any interior space.  If you own an ipad, you need this item and your room will thank you.  The miFrame is a charging station that doubles as a digital display and photoframe. While charging, your ipad can play a slideshow of your photos. When you are using your ipad, the frame will shadowbox whatever fabulous 8×10 picture you’ve slipped into the back.  It fits seemlessly as a decor item in your house or office whether you are charging your ipad or viewing a great photo.  It’s well disguised tech for modern living.

The frame comes in a brushed aluminum or black finish and you can display your ipad horizontally or vertically.  So versatile!

You can find out more information about the miFrame here on Striped Sail’s website.  I’m looking forward to incorporating this item into my client’s designs.  What a great idea for a Christmas present too!

Photos courtesy of Striped Sail