Since so many of you ask about what I’m working on right now, I thought I would show you. This is one of my clients right now that is pulling together pretty well. It’s a remodel of a condominium. The major design challenge for this project is: WHITE. This client loves white. She currently has white carpet, white walls, white vertical blinds, white tile countertops over white cabinets. She mentioned that when she moved in and had the walls painted white, she made sure it was pure white and not an off-white.

This, of course is unacceptable in my book. Everything looks so monotone and bleak. So we are incorporating hints of color in the neutral cool tones and natural woods and stone. Implementing these in a clean, contemporary look I think will achieve the same aesthetic the client likes about the color white with adding some life and interest to her home.

I’m very excited about using large grey limestone tiles on the fireplace wall. Grey limestone is probably my favorite of all natural stones. (What a surprise coming from someone whose favorite color is grey!)