I recently became familiar with Abet Laminati laminates at a vendor presentation.  They are high quality versatile laminates know for their great color selections and wall systems.  This Italian brand laminate is pretty much the go to laminate in all of Europe. They offer 600+ high pressure laminates in a variety of finishes including metals, woods, solids, digital, silk-screened, Tefor 100% recycled for interior walls, exterior laminate and  flooring applications.  They have a variety of sheet laminates that match flooring laminate so you can have a homogenous look, if the project needs it.

Take a look at this wall system used at a salon/spa:

Gorgeous!  What is great is that the laminate can be carried over in to the cabinetry and has a wonderful continuous look:

I am planning to order 1 sheet of whiteboard laminate to go on one wall of my home office when I move, which will be soon!  I’ve really been feeling like if I had a whiteboard wall, it would be so much better to keep track of my to-do lists for projects!  I will keep you posted on how it goes.  So far customer service from my rep has been excellent to get me samples.  They even sent me the photos of this salon so I can post it here on my blog!

Images courtesy of Abet Laminati