Interning for Rebecca Ward Design has been nothing short of a dream come true, to be transparent. I just started my third year at my university majoring in interior design, both residential and commercial. As a third-year student, interning with a business relating to your major is a graduation requirement. Since I am an aspiring residential designer myself, this was exciting news knowing the time has finally come to have some real experience in the design world.

I found Rebecca Ward Design after a quick google search for “interior designers near me” and to my surprise, Rebecca and her team were the first business to pop up. After reading the client testimonials, navigating her website, and knowing what they stand for as a business, I knew that Rebecca Ward Design was the place for me.

Fast forward to now, this week being my sixth week with the team I can confidently recommend booking Rebecca Ward Design for your next home project – big or small they do just about anything! Rebecca, Lilly and Vanessa are welcoming, compassionate, generous and overall a dream team to be a part of, for the meantime at least.

After all of the typical onboarding processes and paperwork for new employees and interns, we got right into the fun stuff. Only after the first day did we visit a client’s house for an initial consultation and I was able to observe firsthand the thought process of the designers, Rebecca and Lilly. I could tell right away that they both have an indescribable talent for interior design. Rebecca and Lilly always keep the client’s interest, budget, and comfort in mind while creating a beautiful, functional space for their clients.

Some other exciting activities worth mentioning include; creating renderings for clients to aid them in visualizing their new and improved space, as well as attending an event on gas vs. induction ovens and learning how to reframe art and the design process that comes along with it, and of course the typical running errands and familiarizing myself with the brands, companies, and representatives Rebecca Ward Design uses.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying my experience learning and absorbing all the ways and wonders of the design world. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and hope other design students get the chance to intern with Rebecca.