I hope all of you enjoyed celebrating America’s Independence Day yesterday and are enjoying your day off today!  Here are some photos from my 4th yesterday, enjoying fireworks with my family.

My firefighter brother-in-law had to work yesterday but as a special treat, his engine was able to stop by our BBQ for a refreshing iced tea.  Those troopers have no AC in the truck and they’re wearing full gear on a near 100 degree day!  My nephews enjoyed climbing all over the largest ladder truck I’ve ever seen!

On another note, last week NCIDQ emailed to say that they had finished grading the exams that I had taken a few months ago and have mailed the results.  Such a tease!  They could have just emailed the results, don’t you think?  Well, Friday I open the mail and there they are!  I tear open the envelope and skip the cover page.  Page two I skan quickly for the results.  Section 1: Pass, Section 2: Pass.  I have to go to page three to find the final results for the hardest section of all: Section 3: Pass!  I passed all three sections of the NCIDQ exam and am so relieved.  I can now apply to be certified in the state of California.  I love starting the weekend off with some good news!

Images by Rebecca Ward