Today we head to East Sacramento to a fun place called Fence World-Iron World. Established in 1978, they have quite an offering of products.  This is a great place to find that custom railing for your staircase.  I recently used them for one of my clients and found they have so much more than just stair railing.

I love entering Fence World under the art nouveau awning that adds to the building’s charm.  The showroom is a wonderful place of wrought iron railings all displayed at pieces of art, which they are.  In fact, Fence World often hosts Second Saturday in Sacramento where among many other local business on that night, they feature their own iron art or guest artists along with great food and entertainment.  I got a tour of the premises from metalsmith Stephen Lyman showing me all the impressive styles and variety of items they create.

We chose a design similar to above for my client

While I was mainly interested in interior stair railing, I saw they also offer exterior railing, balconies, spiral staircases, fencing, window grills and fire screens to name a few things.  You can visit their website for more of their portfolio and a complete list of items they provide.

Images from Fence World