Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the strange urge to deep clean the house has crept over us, which can only mean one thing: Spring has officially arrived! Spring is one of our favorite seasons because it is such a happy-making time of year. Everything feels fresh and beautiful, and of course we want to bring it into our homes.

You may be thinking, “Ummmm I JUST recovered from the explosion of Christmas decorations in my home”, but fear not! There’s no need to go overboard with Spring decorations. You can use these few simple suggestions to bring the loveliness of Spring into your home:

Fresh Flowers

Yeah, we know, this is kind of an obvious one… BUT it is first on our list for a reason! This is by far the best and easiest way to bring Spring into your home. Whether you pick them fresh from your yard, or buy them from the grocery store, having fresh flowers in your home is the perfect way to welcome Spring. The color and smell are 100% guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! 🙂

House by Hoff Pretty Florals

Pale Pillows and Throws

Adding pastel pillows and throws to your bed, couches, and chairs is a super easy way to welcome this season! The pops of color evoke thoughts of blooms and sunshine. Pick colors that go with the color scheme of your home. If pink and purple aren’t your thing, try pale blue and yellow… or even just light neutrals if that’s what works best in your space.

Craft Berry Bush‘s Perfect Spring Bedroom

Change Out Some Art

Another easy Spring fix: switch out some of the art in the frames already on your walls for some Spring floras! The holes are already in your walls, might as well use them in a new and pretty way.

Bless’er House‘s Spring Art

Update Decor

Swapping out the decor items you already have in your home with Spring decor is, again, really easy and effective. Mix greenery (it’s ok if it’s fake!), terrariums, flowers, and Spring art into your existing accessories. This means bookshelves, coffee table and other table tops, your mantel, and consoles can all have Springy decor items added to them, bringing you joy everywhere in your home!

Honey Bear Lane‘s Perfect’y Accessorized Bookshelves

Whether you try one or all of these suggestions, you home is bound to come back to life after the long and cold Winter. Comment pictures of your Spring decorating; we would love to see! Happy Decorating!