Kitchen Design

The star of this gorgeous house, as with so many other homes, is the kitchen. Before the re-design, the layout of the kitchen wasn’t quite right. The island didn’t fit in with authentic Mid Mod architecture, and the peninsula un-necessarily closed off the space from the dining room. So we removed the island and swung the peninsula around to fix the layout issues. We also gave it a waterfall edge to modernize it.

Another change to the layout: the location of appliances. We practically flipped the location of the refrigerator and stove, which allowed our client to have top-of-the-line appliances like he wanted, including that gorgeous Blue Star range (insert heart eye emoji here)!

The original finishes did nothing to celebrate the home’s unique character, so we changed that in a big way! We had already selected the exterior paint colors, which featured a bright orange front door.

Running with that design decision, we decided to pull that same exact color into the kitchen. In order to do this, we had custom color-matched tiles made, which turned out pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

The simple walnut cabinets are also quite a statement in their own right. Not only are they gorgeous and SO much better than what was there before, but they also keep true to the Mid- Century design style.

Living Room Design

We started with a blank slate, but perfect bones for what we wanted the space to be. Our client’s love for Mid-Century Modern design meant that the fireplace was practically perfect just the way it was! We kept the ledge too, since it added so much character and seating (yes please)! We found the perfect rug, and then placed our client’s authentic furniture…and voila!

Ceiling Design

The ceilings are the un-sung hero of this project. They make a huge impact without being in-your-face. The wood paneling was already present, but to make it pop we painted the beams a dark charcoal and gave the ceiling fan a much needed update. Now, it really is a wow- factor!

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