Iconic Mid Mod Interior

Photos: Kat Alves Photography

Summary: This home bore the scars of a 90s kitchen renovation that stripped away its inherent mid-century modern allure. For our client, a passionate aficionado of mid-century modern aesthetics, the decision to overhaul the kitchen was non-negotiable.

Central to the design narrative is the captivating orange accent color, swiftly embraced as a beloved signature of the space. The custom backsplash tile was crafted to match flawlessly with the vibrant paint color on the front doors. The inclusion of horizontal grain walnut cabinets and sleek waterfall edge countertops further elevates the kitchen’s allure, filling it with a sense of timeless sophistication.

Leveraging our client’s existing collection of mid-century modern furniture pieces, we curated a cohesive ensemble that effortlessly marries style with comfort. The addition of carefully selected rugs and accent pieces of furniture ensuring a seamless integration of old and new. For those curious about the home’s transformation journey, delve into the ‘before’ snapshots by clicking here. Ready to embark on your own design project? Click here to take the first step towards realizing your vision! 

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