Iconic Mid Mod Interior

Photos: Kat Alves Photography

Summary: This home had suffered a 90s kitchen remodel that completely erased its mid-century modern character and charm. When our client, a lover of mid-century modern design, bought it, he knew the kitchen had to be redone.

Much of the design revolves around the orange accent color that was quickly a crowd favorite. The backsplash tile in the kitchen was custom-made to perfectly match the paint color, which is featured on the front doors and the back side of the kitchen wall that is shared with the dining room. The horizontal grain walnut cabinets and waterfall edge counters are other design elements that make this kitchen special.

Our client already had a lot of cool mid-century modern furniture pieces, so we just pulled them together and finished off the spaces with rugs and by consultation on some new furniture items. If you want to learn more about the before of the home, click here and click here to get started on your own project!

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