Well, I’m back and have already been busy working away on all my fabulous clients’ projects.  The vacation was perfect for allowing me to clear my head and come back focused and energized.  While I am still catching up on emails and such, I thought this is a perfect time for a guest post from my wonderful designer friends, DeAnna Mackensen of REDesign Interiors.  She is definitely a DIY designer – always working on a project!

Here is her post which features her latest DIY project:

Inspired by Target and Missoni
Hello, I’m DeAnna Mackensen, interior designer and owner of REDesign Interiors.  I have been a do-it-yourselfer since before that term became popular!  Last week I was inspired by Missoni and Target to DIY this chevron chair.

Target and Missoni inspired DIY chair

I have a very small porch and I wanted to sit outside and drink my coffee every morning.  I needed a small chair and some inspiration.  The chair came from Target and the inspiration from my Missoni coffee mug.

Missoni inspiration for DIY project

Cost of Project:  Approx. $40
Materials Needed:
Target Chair (1)
Spray Paint Primer (1)
Spray Paint in white (1)
Spray Paint in Green (1)
Painter’s Tape

Target Chair for DIY project

1. Create your Chevron design

2. Block off the Chevron design with Blue Painter’s tape.  Be sure to cover the back side of the chair also.  I used painter’s tape and a sheet to cover most of the chair.  You want to be sure to cover the back so no spray paint flecks go where you don’t want them.

3. Begin with painting the large white block of Chevron with primer. This is a fast process however be sure to allow for adequate drying time.  Follow the directions on the paint can.  The more time spent on prep means your paint job will last longer.  Be patient.

4. Spray on the white coat of paint.  Allow to dry.  Spray another coat.

Missoni inspired DIY chair

5. Tape off the green Chevron pattern. 
6. Spray on the green coat of paint.  Allow to dry.  Spray another coat.

Missoni Inspired DIY chair project

Time spent prepping:   30 minutes
Time spent painting:   10 minutes
Time spent waiting for paint to dry:  Priceless. . . 
Every morning I enjoy my coffee and I put my mug on that stump of firewood! 
Cheers, DeAnna

Photos by DeAnna Mackensen