I notice that I am quite often bringing to light the great inspirations that can be found in House Beautiful Magazine.  I really recommend you should just go out and subscribe, if you haven’t already. At the very least, pick up the May issue!  It’s titled “The Big Advice Issue”, which you know must be loaded with some gems.  I have provided some as proof!

To start off with, we have this yummy room from the cover.  The greys and cream upholstery peices (LOVE the sofa!) are kept fresh with orage, tourquoise, green and dark pink accents.

The advice being mentioned for this room is to double up on the accent pillows and make sure they are contrasting in color and texture or patterns.  Also, put some skirts on your upholstery to avoid too many legs in the room.  Skirts help to “ground” the room instead of making it appear “nervous”

Here’s some creative advice to wallpaper you sliding closet doors!  Presto chango you have an exciting feature wall for very little effort.

This photo shows how unlimited we can be in our outdoor spaces thanks to new fabrics and finishes.

This photo is highlighting a common misconception that my clients find hard to believe when I tell them: Dark walls will make the room feel bigger! The edges of the room will get lost in the shadows.

Really, just go pick up this issue and discover all of the other great tips that House Beautiful Magazine has so wonderfully compiled.