I have the privilege of introducing a wonderful designer and friend of mine, Kelley Fisher.  Kelley and I met in the interior design program at college and have been great friends ever since.  A few semesters ahead of me in the program, I was grateful to have such a gifted and creative person as a mentor.  She was highly instrumental in providing great opportunities and connections while I was starting out in the design field.   Kelley is now married, mother of two with number three on the way, yet she still finds plenty of ways to put her creative skills to work.  She currently has a business called Adorn creating headbands and clips in the latest must-have fashions.  I insisted on an interview so my readers can get inspired from her creative passion as I have.

 Tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m an Interior Designer and Artist with a love of photography, fashion, cooking and all things creative!  I worked full-time for a design firm in Sacramento before staring a family.  I now work full-time as a mom of two sweet little ones (with baby #3 on the way!)  I love being able to raise a family & work part-time on various projects as they come my way. 

Kelley with her husband Jesse

What sort of design projects do you take on now?
I do design consulting & space planning now, as opposed to full service interior design. It is more concise and easier to manage while raising my kids full time.  I really enjoy helping those who need some direction and a vision! 

My husband is a very talented carpenter and we’ve been able to work professionally on projects together, which has been fun.  I have to admit, the most rewarding projects have been our own- designing, adding-on, renovating and building our home… being able to do it together is awesome (although I have the easier job by far!).

 Kelley’s daughter Kate sporting one of Kelley’s creations

What kind of hobbies do you have?

A lot of my work is also my play!  I have a passion for designing, painting/artwork, photography & creating things.   I also love cooking, entertaining, concerts, shopping (for my kids, house, husband, clients or of course myself!)  and vacationing (who doesn’t!?).  I enjoy planning & organizing things too- probably need to focus on those last two hobbies more!

 Agave: Commissioned artwork painted by Kelley

How did you get started in the hair accessory business?
I don’t know how to sew yet… so whenever I see something that I can make for my daughter or myself that doesn’t involve a sewing machine- I love it!  I sold my hair accessories locally for a while & then created an Etsy site a few months ago when I started to have people outside of my circle of friends interested in purchasing.

 Headband available from Adorn

How did you come up with your business name?

I wanted one word that captured more than just “hair accessories”.  I chose “Adorn”  because I loved the definition: “to enhance or decorate… to lend beauty to”.  I felt it captured all of my hobbies: designing/decorating, painting, photography, AND creating accessories.  I know I have the option to introduce those into the mix if I ever wanted to venture out!  From a graphic standpoint I also wanted a name that had the definition beside it.

What are your inspirations?  How do you get new ideas?

I definitely try to follow style & color trends for each season.  I always enjoy looking through style magazines or catalogs when I find the time.  Anthropologie is always inspiring.  I design what I like & would wear.

 Hair clip available from Adorn

What are some of your favorite sites that give you inspiration?

There are so many!   I’ll stick to the ones I have a personal connection to!


 blog which recently featured one of my headbands.  Awesome site!


talented designer & former co-worker… great resource & always inspiring!


talented graphic designer & cousin… check it out!


friend with great taste in vintage finds!  Super chic!

and last but not least!!!


talented designer, former co-worker and sweet friend!   Love this blog Bec!  Keeps me up to date design! 

Thank you Kelley for sharing with us!

Enjoy these other peices available from Adorn

I know you will want to see more of Kelley’s great creations on her etsy site and also stop by her facebook page!