I visited one of my happy places last week – Anthropologie.

The moment I walk into the store I’m immediatley carried away to beautiful color palettes, exotic styles, creative and inspiring displays and heavenly aromas.  This time I narrowed in on the scents.  I noticed that there was “that scent” every time I walk in the store that was just, well, Anthropologie.  I sniffed around and found home fragrance candles burning by the entrance.  I made a note to self to bring home these scents as soon as my budget allows.

The only not so happy thing about my happy place is the price tag attached to it.  My budget forces me to wander back to the clearance racks where I can usually find something reasonably priced.

I don’t mind too much though, since hanging out in the store just puts a smile on my face.

I had a brief discussion with the store manager who noticed me taking photos of their latest display, describing how they made it.  She told me that the store managers and artists collaborate in the installations which take much time and precision but are always worthy pieces of art.

Can’t wait to go back to get my next fix!