February is one of my favorite months!  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that my birthday falls on the 15th of February.  Also, who doesn’t love seeing pink, red and white everywhere with encouragement to demonstrate love.  So, in honor of this fabulous month, I decided to treat you to some favorites of mine that I am enjoying this month.

First Feb Fave: My husband
Of course!  My valentine.  He’s the love of my life and the best man I’ve ever known.  The last 3 years being married to him have been the most enjoyable and fulfilling in my life.  Here is a picture of him I thought he wouldn’t object to me posting.  He’s such a rockstar!

Second Feb Fave: Monkey
Monkey is our cat, named before we adopted her but she certainly lives up to her name crawling up on everything, especially my computer when I’m trying to work.  She’s our little baby.

Third Feb Fave: Daffodils
 Whenever I see daffodils in February, I’m reminded of my mothers comment that she could see daffodils out of her hospital room where she gave birth to me.  They are so sunny and cheerful while all the other plants are still sleeping.

Fourth Feb Fave: Chocolate!
I am a second generation chocoholic and there is nothing better than little heart shaped chocolates during the month of February. Yum!

Fifth Feb Fave: Cup of Tea
Thanks to this year’s El Nino effect, we’ve had plenty of rainy days.  I love brewing a perfect cup of tea to enjoy while I work.  And here’s a few notes about brewing tea: Don’t boil your water too long and never reboil your water!  I avoid microwaving water for tea because I find it tastes different.  Be mindful of how long your tea needs to steep so it won’t become bitter.  White tea, like this new Berryblossom White from Tazo should only steep about a minute due to its delicate nature.

That’s my Five February Favorites for 2010.  What are your February Faves?

Photos by Rebecca Ward