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Back with some random goodness that could change your life! 🙂

Today’s three:

1. Essentialism

I just finished reading this amazing book and now I have to re-read it.  It actually could be a life-changing read!  I kinda had my mind blown.  This book says so much of what I think I knew to be true deep down, that it is not about saying yes to everything, doing all things for all people and multi-tasking.  We make a much bigger impact on our lives and others, our work our home, our health, if we just focus on one thing that is MOST ESSENTIAL to what our goals are in life, and do it well.  This will mean saying no to many good opportunities so you can say yes to the best one.  Instead of doing many things moderately well, you will excel at the one thing that matters most at that moment.  Do yourself a favor and pick up the book here and read it! You’re welcome.

2. What 3 Words

So I heard a blip about this app on the radio.  Apparently this app can pinpoint your location and as accurate as GPS coordinates.  It can give you location down to 3 cubic meters.  They have mapped out the entire world and each 3 cubic  meters is given three random words to describe it.  Apparently, emergency services in Europe have been using this to find people.  It can give them information as to whether that person is ground level or on the 10th floor.  You can tell your friends exactly where you are in a crowd at a concert.  If you want a package delivered to your back door, just give the 3 word combo assigned to that spot.  Kinda creepy, kinda cool. Go check it out for yourself, here!

3. Enneagram

I LOVE personality tests so when I learned about the 9 Enneagram types. I went and took as many free tests as I could to verify what my type was.  Looks like the consensus for me is Type 9: The Peacemaker.  If you have not tested your type yet, what are you waiting for?  I think these things are fun to confirm what we already know about ourselves but more importantly our loved ones in our life!  It’s easy to understand ourselves but harder to fully grasp others.  Take the test here, and learn more about it on Pinterest which is full of fun things about Enneagram types, or read the book “The Road Back to You” which is on my list.


Rebecca Ward